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Multipanel, Animating Your Bathroom

At Multipanel, we create great, modern products that are quickly and easily installed and wanted to capture these benefits in a series of animations that will not only be great promotional tools, but also educational ones.

It is our eventual aim to showcase what Multipanel can do for each individual space in a full interior. We plan to create animations that exemplify how Multipanel can integrate seamlessly across all the rooms within your household.


Multipanel Bathroom Animation:

Multipanel’s name is synonymous with quality, design, speed and durability.

In this animation it shows how quick and easy it is to install Multipanel Plus Walls, Stick Flooring, Ceilings and Photowall. If you are looking for a complete revamp or a touch up on your bathroom, then look no further.

Modern. Completely Waterproof. Zero Grout = Multipanel is the ULTIMATE interior solution.



Multipanel Seal Animation:

Our Second animation features, Multipanel Seal.

This new animation highlights the innovative measures put into practice when applying Multipanel Seal and acts as an installation guide for both trade customers and consumers.

Multipanel Seal is a two part shower tray and bath sealing system comprising a PVC strip and a high performance white silicone. The ’movement joint’ expands and contracts to offer a stylish and reliable bottom seal for Multipanel Classic, Plus, Photo Wall and Economy ranges.


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