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Multipanel launch new Billboard Advertising Campaign

At Multipanel we are on a mission to change the way we decorate bathrooms. That mission now involves us spreading our message from roadsides across the country in the form of a major investment in a large format billboard advertising campaign.


Multipanel Billboard Advertising Campaign featuring Linda Barker

Entitled ‘The Smart Alternative to Tiles’, we aim to grow awareness of Multipanel with the homeowner. Featuring celebrity designer Linda Barker and one of her new colours Calacatta Marble from the Multipanel Linda Barker Collection. Keeping the message simple we aim to direct viewers to the Multipanel website and four of our major partners for more information.

Bright and colourful advertising boards – comprising a mix of digital, backlit screens and traditional illuminated boards will stand out in the darker autumn days and nights, capturing the attention and interest of anyone who sees them.

Multipanel Billboard Campaign

‘The Smart Alternative to Tiles’ campaign launches on 27th August and will run throughout September and into October/early November. Watch out for our adverts in major cities such as Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham, Slough, Luton, Bristol and Bradford.

Sarah McLean, Managing Director commented, “Outdoor, roadside advertising is a first for the company, and we are confident that it will cut through a very noisy media landscape, and represents a fantastic opportunity to grow awareness of and make the Multipanel brand resonate with consumers.”

Criteria for choosing the sites for our advertising has been made on the basis of reaching the largest volume of homeowners in the market for renovating their bathrooms. We estimate that from the start to the end of ‘The Smart Alternative to Tiles’ campaign over 5.6 million drivers and pedestrians will view our adverts.


See more from the Linda Barker Collection here, remember to stay up to date with the latest bathroom design inspiration and advice from Linda Barker on our blog.


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