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Panels vs Ceramic Tiles: Why You Should Be Converting to Multipanel Shower Wall Panels

Updated 16/05/2018

Are you searching for a cost-effective alternative to tiles? Ceramic tiles are becoming increasingly dated as we move into the modern world of interior design. Shower wall panels or bathroom panels are paving the way forward with multiple benefits for end users. For those of you that have not encountered waterproof wall paneling before, here are a few things to consider and why you should be converting your interior tastes to shower paneling.

• Multipanel is grout free

No, you are not seeing things, Multipanel COMPLETELY eradicates grout. Say goodbye to annoying stains and endless hours of cleaning. Multipanel is simple to clean through the use of warm water and a non-abrasive mild detergent.

• Our waterproof wall panels are easy to install

Whilst tile installation can be a chaotic task, Multipanel enables quick and easy installation which massively reduces turnaround times and any unnecessary stress. Multipanel is 100% waterproof and can be applied directly to almost any surface including tiles, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, chipboard and plywood.

• The aesthetic of tiles with the ease of Multipanel

If you love the traditional look of tiles, fear not. We have got a bathroom panel for that!

An affordable alternative to ceramic tiles, our 3mm thick waterproof panels are easy to fit and can be installed over existing tiles to quickly renovate shower areas and kitchen splashbacks. Bevelled tile and brick panels are available in gloss, and embossed tile panels are available in gloss and matt. 

You can still maintain the aesthetic of tiles with the ease of Multipanel. View the full Tile Range here.


Tile Panels


Still unsure? Take a look at our recent animation that highlights the benefits and ease of installing Multipanel.

Panels vs Tiles

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