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Tackle your 2019 home improvements

Now, dare I ask how the post-Christmas recovery is going? Did the family get-together work out? Is the house still standing now everyone has left or do you have a few stragglers not quite ready to go?

Linda and Concrete Element wall panels

After hosting 14 guests at my home, I can confess that now, on the 7th of January, the last of the sweeping up has just been done. Phew! And yes, the house is still standing if you don’t count the pillar outside the front door - where there were four, now there are three (another story).

There’s nothing like a weekend house party to get you noticing all the shortcomings of your home. Cracked tiles and squeaky floorboards that have never niggled before making their presence felt almost as soon as the first guest arrives. So, if you’re a list maker like me, your 2019 ‘to do’ work list will be gathering pace.

Bathrooms are the most important spaces to get perfect from the start, and if yours let you down over Christmas, it’s time to get a move on with planning changes.

A slow approach to decorating or remodelling bathrooms is not an option for most of us and the length of time the bathroom is out of commission really does need to be kept to a minimum. So once an offending shower cubicle or outdated bathtub is removed and the floor is up, your plumber will be on the clock to ensure that the work is finished fast.

Panels make an easier job of it. Sure, it makes sense that if there are no tiles there’s no tiler required but it’s still important to get the fundamentals right so the job goes well.

Wall panels are pretty forgiving on uneven walls and will knock days off a bathroom fit out. Don’t feel stuck with old tiles or go to the trouble of prizing them from the walls – just panel directly on top of them – easy! Then when you add ease and quickness of maintenance and cleaning, the many benefits of panels really start to count.

Our beautiful panels are uncompromising on design too and offer gorgeous stone, wood and concrete looks that always come out top in the design stakes.


Linda Elements QAArticle3

For my home I’m ordering up the Multipanel Concrete Elements panels to make a perfect wet room which will be sympathetic with the rest of the house’s design and of course, I’m getting excited even at this planning stage. There’ll be two new windows for the space and as I’ll have the panels on one entire long wall, I still need to plan the works so the plasterer arrives for the remaining walls and my tiled floor goes down after the water pipes are repositioned.

It’s a room that’s been long planned for but after the holidays I’ve had a niggling feeling that it can’t wait any longer and like many of you, planning for the exciting new year ahead seems like a good time to start.


I’d love to hear how you get on with your bathroom makeover – so do drop me a line and maybe share a photo or two showing your fantastic bathroom transformation.

Linda x


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