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Multipanel products create vibrant and bespoke bathrooms, kitchens and wetrooms  with quick and easy installation that brightens up your home. Flexible, easy to clean and grout-free, our broad range instantly adds a touch of warmth and luxury to your house.

Opening up a whole new world of flexible home improvement, our wall panels, floors, vanities and ceilings help you make a bold and long-lasting statement, whilst completely eliminating the risk of mould. Transforming the way we design our interiors forever, Multipanel is the ultimate trade secret.

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Why choose Multipanel?

Fuscia shower wall panel 01

Perfect for your shower, bathroom and kitchen, our wall panels, floors, and ceilings are available in a broad range of colours, textures and finishes, enabling you to create spaces that match your personality. Between our Classic, Plus, Reflect, Tile, Economy ranges we have more than a 100 designs available for you to choose from, but if you have something specific in mind, let us know.

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Quick and easy Installation

The Multipanel range is designed to be easy to install and even easier to maintain. Our 100% waterproof panels can be applied directly to almost any bathroom or kitchen surface including tiles, concrete, plaster, plasterboard,chipboard and plywood, or as part as a new installation. They bring finesse without the stress of grout to your home, whilst giving a modern and mould-free finish.

Bathroom Glow Wall Twilight

State-of-the-art designs

Are you looking to design a bathroom or kitchen that is one of a kind? Always making sure that we are ahead of our times, our Photo Wall has made it possible to integrate photography, to your shower enclosure or splashback.

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Highest Quality Wall Panels, Vinyl Flooring & Ceilings

Our products are designed to stay stunning, as they are manufactured from the highest quality materials.

They all come with a 10 years warranty, covering cracking, de-lamination and panels remaining watertight, if installed, sealed and maintained according to our published recommendations.

Kitchen decorated with Reflect range red kitchen splashback

Stunning finishes, low maintenance

Bathrooms and kitchens are infamously hard to keep clean. Multipanel shower wall panels are an affordable alternative to tiles and are completely grout-free, making them the simplest way to keep wet and dry environments clean. These impermeable and hygienic solutions ensure that there is no place for mould, dirt or germs. With a huge choice of colours, textures and finishes to choose from, our modern panels are designed to suit and instantly transform any bathroom or kitchen's décor and shape.

Multipanel Responsibility


As one of the leading manufacturers in the country, we recognise our responsibility to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers and the wider community. Consistently monitoring our operations and how they affect the environment, we are committed to developing and implementing systems to help minimise these impacts.

View our environmental policy, health & safety policy and much more here.

new history


Multipanel is part of the Grant Westfield Group.

Westfield was born through a passion for true craftsmanship, high quality design and expert manufacturing capabilities. Backed by over 130 years’ experience in interior building design, our size and success has been pioneered by a carefully selected, skilled and driven workforce.

As Westfield grew, there was an opportunity to develop quality products for homeowners that wanted waterproof bathrooms, shower enclosures and kitchens. We began testing new ways to renovate more quickly and practically, designing innovative waterproof panel systems for the home. Around the turn of the Millennium, Multipanel arrived.

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