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Here at Multipanel we know the value of a physical sample. Nothing compares to being able to feel the texture and view the colours in your own environment.

Listed below are all of the products that we provide samples for.

Walls - Multipanel Classic Wall Panel Range

  • Antique Marble

    Antique Marbl...
  • Arctic Stone

    Arctic Stone
  • Beige Eiger

    Beige Eiger
  • Blizzard

  • Blue Eiger

    Blue Eiger
  • Cappuccino Stone

    Cappuccino St...
  • Classic Marble

    Classic Marbl...
  • Cool Mica

    Cool Mica
  • Frost White

    Frost White
  • Fusion

  • Grey Marble

    Grey Marble
  • Kalahari

  • Midnight Stone

    Midnight Ston...
  • Monsoon

  • Natural India

    Natural India
  • Patina Bronze

    Patina Bronze
  • Red Pearl

    Red Pearl
  • Riven Marble

    Riven Marble
  • Riven Slate

    Riven Slate
  • Sahara

  • Sezanne Pearl

    Sezanne Pearl
  • Stucco

  • Taupe Brocade

    Taupe Brocade
  • Travertine

  • Twilight

  • Umber Brocade

    Umber Brocade
  • Veneto

  • Warm Mica

    Warm Mica
  • White

  • White Brocade

    White Brocade

Walls - Multipanel Plus Wall Panel Range

  • Ash Linosa Natural Wood

    Ash Linosa Na...
  • Azure

  • Black Cynosure

    Black Cynosur...
  • Black Lace

    Black Lace
  • Black Satin Weave

    Black Satin W...
  • Blanc D’or

    Blanc D’or
  • Blood Red

    Blood Red
  • Blu Valencia

    Blu Valencia
  • Blue

  • Boston Walnut Suede

    Boston Walnut...
  • Brown Oak Suede

    Brown Oak Sue...
  • Brown Weave

    Brown Weave
  • Fuscia

  • Garden Pink

    Garden Pink
  • Garden Pink Lace

    Garden Pink L...
  • Grey Weave

    Grey Weave
  • Griggio Sasso

    Griggio Sasso
  • Gris D’or

    Gris D’or
  • Icy White Satin Weave

    Icy White Sat...
  • Jouvenile Walnut Natural Wood

    Jouvenile Wal...
  • Lorraine Walnut Suede

    Lorraine Waln...
  • Magnolia

  • Magnolia Tracks

    Magnolia Trac...
  • Melanzana

  • Nero

  • Noir D’or

    Noir D’or
  • Oak Graphite Natural Wood

    Oak Graphite ...
  • Pearl Cynosure

    Pearl Cynosur...
  • Purple

  • Red Beech Suede

    Red Beech Sue...
  • Rock Brown Cynosure

    Rock Brown Cy...
  • Rosso Devil

    Rosso Devil
  • Sandel Brown Cynosure

    Sandel Brown ...
  • Silver Grey Cynosure

    Silver Grey C...
  • Silver Grey Satin Weave

    Silver Grey S...
  • Silver Grey Tracks

    Silver Grey T...
  • Slate Grey

    Slate Grey
  • Smoke Grey

    Smoke Grey
  • Smoke Grey Tracks

    Smoke Grey Tr...
  • Tectona Natural Wood

    Tectona Natur...
  • Terre Beige

    Terre Beige
  • Terre Bleue

    Terre Bleue
  • Terre Noire

    Terre Noire
  • Verde Mare

    Verde Mare
  • Verde Scozia

    Verde Scozia
  • White Lace

    White Lace

Walls - Multipanel Tile Wall Panel Range

  • Black Horizontal (Landscape)

    Black Horizon...
  • Black Large Matt

    Black Large M...
  • Black Slate Large Matt

    Black Slate L...
  • Black Slate Small Gloss

    Black Slate S...
  • Black Small Gloss

    Black Small G...
  • Black Vertical (Portrait)

    Black Vertica...
  • Graphite Large Matt

    Graphite Larg...
  • Graphite Small Gloss

    Graphite Smal...
  • Red Horizontal (Landscape)

    Red Horizonta...
  • Red Vertical (Portrait)

    Red Vertical ...
  • White

  • White Galaxy

    White Galaxy
  • White Galaxy Large Matt

    White Galaxy ...
  • White Galaxy Small Gloss

    White Galaxy ...
  • White Horizontal (Landscape)

    White Horizon...
  • White Large Matt

    White Large M...
  • White Slate

    White Slate
  • White Slate Large Matt

    White Slate L...
  • White Slate Small Gloss

    White Slate S...
  • White Small Gloss

    White Small G...
  • White Vertical (Portrait)

    White Vertica...

Walls - Multipanel Economy Wall Panel Range

  • Aruban Sand

    Aruban Sand
  • Byzantine Marble

    Byzantine Mar...
  • Moonlit Quartz

    Moonlit Quart...
  • Obsidian Marble

    Obsidian Marb...
  • Roman Marble

    Roman Marble
  • Rustic Brick

    Rustic Brick
  • Snow Drift

    Snow Drift
  • Sunlit Quartz

    Sunlit Quartz

Floors - Multipanel Click Floor Range

  • American Walnut

    American Waln...
  • Aspen Oak

    Aspen Oak
  • Black Onyx

    Black Onyx
  • Campania Travertine

    Campania Trav...
  • Classic Oak

    Classic Oak
  • Coastal Grey Oak

    Coastal Grey ...
  • Lombardia Marble

    Lombardia Mar...
  • Markham Oak

    Markham Oak
  • Pearl

  • Piemonte

  • Rimini

  • Sherwood Oak

    Sherwood Oak
  • Sicilia

  • Silver Opal

    Silver Opal
  • Toscana Marble

    Toscana Marbl...
  • White Diamond

    White Diamond

Floors - Multipanel Stick Floor Range

  • Black Marble

    Black Marble
  • Flagstone

  • Italian Natural

    Italian Natur...
  • Knotty Oak Chocolate

    Knotty Oak Ch...
  • Pecan Honey

    Pecan Honey
  • Sand Shale

    Sand Shale
  • Tuscany Oak

    Tuscany Oak
  • White Marble

    White Marble

Floors - Multipanel WetFlor™

  • Adhesive

  • Coral

  • Cosmo

  • Coving Profile

    Coving Profil...
  • Deep Sea

    Deep Sea
  • Mars

  • Neptune

  • Quick Silver

    Quick Silver
  • Saturn

  • Tidal Wave

    Tidal Wave
  • Welding Rod

    Welding Rod

Ceilings - Multipanel Ceilings

  • Pergamon Marble

    Pergamon Marb...
  • Soft Grey Marble

    Soft Grey Mar...
  • White Ash

    White Ash
  • White Gloss

    White Gloss
  • White Matt

    White Matt
  • White Sparkle

    White Sparkle
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