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How the New Build Sector Benefits From Multipanel

New build developments can be hectic since new homes are usually completed on tight schedules. Not everything always goes according to plan, but with Multipanel, you can ensure that customer expectations and deadlines are met. Our wall panels are quick an easy to install thanks to their Hydrolock® tongue and groove joint. They can be installed over existing tiles—that means no more chipping away at those tiles. Plus, they come with a 30-year warranty.

  • Bathroom wall panels are up to five times quicker to install than traditional tiles
  • Reduced cost both in materials and installation
  • No grout and simple to clean
  • Supplied on a just-in-time basis to suit new build programmes
  • 30 year warranty

Key Considerations for Property Developments

  1. Increased Speed of Construction

    Multipanel shower wall panels can be fitted in 24 hours compared with 3–5 days for traditional tiles. There is no need to wait for specialist wet trades as our products can be fitted straight onto timber frameworks or plasterboard. Thanks to our precisely engineered Hydrolock® joint system, panels can simply be clicked into place—saving time and costs in the process. Contact our team to find out how your new build development can benefit from Multipanel.

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  2. Value for Money

    Not only can Multipanel reduce installation costs by up to £30/m², it also impacts lifetime value as our bathroom panels come with a 30-year warranty. Say goodbye to snagging and scrubbing because our bathroom walls require little to no maintenance to stay in pristine condition, meaning your customers will also reap all the Multipanel benefits. Get in touch below to find out how you can save on your next new build project.

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The panels provide the high-end luxury that our customers demand. With Multipanel, we are able to achieve the authentic look of real marble or stone, creating the opulence redolent of a boutique hotel or spa.

Mike Cowie - Sales and Marketing Director at Barratt Homes

  1. Free Trial

    We offer a FREE TRIAL scheme which provides free products and free-of-charge installation and training services. Experience first-hand how Multipanel can save time and money during your next bathroom development project.

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Multipanel is the first tile effect wall panel to be Made In Britain and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C128180) certified. Our bathroom wall panels are fully waterproof, quick and easy to install due to our Hydrolock® system, and come with a 30 year warranty.