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FAQs about Bathroom Wall Panels

Can I use wall panels for floors or ceilings?

It is not recommended to use our bathroom wall panels on the ceiling as they may be too heavy or on the floor as it is not slip resistant. Alternatively see our selection of vinyl bathroom flooring.

Can wall panels be applied directly to tiles?

Yes, provided they are sound, our bathroom wall panels are suitable for covering old bathroom tiles.

Can Multipanel wall panels be applied to plasterboard walls?

Yes, our bathroom panels can be applied directly or to timber sub-frames, using our wall panel adhesive

Can I use Multipanel wall panels above 2400mm high?

Yes, but you'll have to seal the top edge with the appropriate profile and sealant. Panels cannot be installed vertically, on top of each other.

Can I order Multipanel wall panels in larger sizes than 2400mm x 1200mm?

No, this is the maximum size of the raw materials, but by using a continuous ‘H’ joint profile or Hydrolock tongued and grooved edges you can join the bathroom panels.

Are your wall panels stain and mould resistant?

Our bathroom wall panel laminates conform to EN 438-3 and are guaranteed to achieve the stain resistance requirements of this international standard.

In addition, in-house testing has shown that Multipanel® bathroom panels will be unaffected by brief contact with most standard shower products, including coloured shampoos and detergents. 

Avoid contact with bleach, tanning agents, hair dyes and root restorers as these products could harm the laminate.  If one of these substances accidentally comes into contact with the panel, rinse immediately with plenty of warm water.

If substances are allowed to remain on the surface for a long period staining may occur, particularly on textured laminates.

Our shower wall panels have excellent mould and bacterial resistance.

How do I clean Multipanel?

We recommend cleaning our bathroom panels with a micro-fibre cloth, warm water and a non-abrasive mild detergent. Scouring powders or similar products should not be used.

Wiping after use should be sufficient to prevent staining in most cases.

Lime scale residues may be removed using a soft cloth and a 10% solution of citric or acetic acid, household white vinegar and / or lime juice. 

Commercial lime-scale removers are not recommended.

What is the weight of Multipanel?

2400mm x 1200mm x 11mm panels weight approximately 20-25kg. Browse our installation guides for weights specific to your type of wall panel. 

What is the warranty on Multipanel?

Wall panels from our Pure, Linda Barker, Contemporary, Classic, and Tile Collections have a 30 year warranty from date of purchase, covering cracking, de-lamination and panels remaining watertight, if installed, sealed and maintained according to our published recommendations. 

What other colours are available to order?

Between our Pure, Linda Barker, Contemporary, Classic, and Tile Collections we have almost 100 designs.

How do I fit grab rails and shower seats?

It is recommended that you fix through the bathroom panels into the wall behind for a secure fixing, and seal around all apertures. 

Are your wall panels from a sustainable source of timber and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified?

Multipanel wall panels from the Pure, Linda Barker, Contemporary, Classic, and Tile Collections are certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) C128180. Our timber materials are procured from well-managed and sustainable sources. 

FAQs about Bathroom Flooring

Can I use Multipanel Floors on stairs?


Can I replace damaged sections of the floor?

Yes, individual planks, tiles or sections can be cut out and replaced using double-sided tape.

How do I cut Multipanel bathroom flooring?

Score the face firmly with a Stanley knife against a straight edge, and snap apart.

Can I install Multipanel Floors over carpet?

No. It is only suitable for application over flat smooth surfaces.

How do I cut round pedestals and shapes?

Applying a blast of heat from a hairdryer will soften the vinyl, facilitating cutting. TIP - use the protective paper as a template.

Are Multipanel Floors affected by sunlight?

Over many years of exposure to direct sunlight the exposed area may discolour slightly.