Our many years of experience in the hotel sector have enabled us to develop lasting waterproof solutions for a variety of hotels. Find out more about our luxury hotel bathrooms.

Multipanel: market leaders for a reason.​

Exclusive and on-trend laminate, we are the only FSC® certified tile effect panel made in the UK (1). Our grout free panels make maintenance effortless and out MDF Exterior core has a Class 4 durability for areas of prolonged exposure to water (2).​

The laminate backing reduces the potential for bowing (3). Our innovative Hydrolock T&G joint and 6mm tolerance for fitting over uneven surfaces makes installation a breeze (4).​

We offer bathroom wall panels in 598mm, 900mm, 1200mm for maximum versatility (5). We’ve got 140 years of manufacturing under our belt and are ISO 9001:2015 certified (6).

  • waterproof wall panel
    100% waterproof

    Easy to clean with no grout

  • Easy to join panel

    Our almost seamless unique joint

  • long lasting warranty
    30 year warranty

    For peace of mind

  • 5 times quicker to install than tiles
    Quick and easy

    to install over old tiles


Fitting Multipanel over tiles in an average sized hotel delivers CO2 reduction equivalent to 125 nights room occupancy.

Multipanel Benefits for Hotel Bathroom Renovations

  1. Reduce Guest Disruption

    It's essential that there is minimal guest disruption when refurbishing hotel bathrooms. Our easy-to-install panels can be installed up to 5 times faster than traditional tiles with our unique Hydrolock joint. Multipanel panels are equipped with a 30-year warranty, creating a long-lasting finish. Save time, eliminate snagging and give your customer what they like, with minimal interference. Get in touch to find out how.

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  2. Effortlessly Luxurious Hotel Aestethic

    Style is everything when it comes to a hotel. It helps determine the guest experience and impacts on pricing structure, reviews and reputation. Multipanel bathroom wall panels offer a wide range of designs and colours to suit your exact needs. Multipanel requires less trades to install, reducing guest disruption. Elegant marble, pristine tiles, or natural textures—create a feeling of luxury for a fraction of the cost, achieving a five star hotel aesthetic.

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  3. Improve Cleaning Times

    Multipanel bathroom wall panels can be installed over old tiles, further reducing the installation time. By choosing our waterproof wall panels instead of traditional tiles, you can eliminate the problem of water leakage due to improper tile installation and grouting. Our groutless panels are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, reducing the amount of time spent on cleaning hotel rooms. Get in touch to find out more.

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  4. Save Money

    Reduce bathroom installation costs by up to £30/m² by switching to Multipanel bathroom wall panels from traditional tiles. Multipanel removes the need for specialist wet trades on-site, meaning fitting time is significantly reduced and unlike tiles there is no need to wait for Multipanel to dry as no grout is involved. This makes them up to 5x faster to install than traditional tiles. Find out how Multipanel can save you money on your next housing project.

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What Hoteliers Think About Multipanel

"We’ve been so impressed with the product. We have guests asking if our bathrooms have been newly refurbished (even the ones that we refurbished many years prior)."

Rory Mcleod - Owner of Gordon's Hotel

Read more in our Gordon's Hotel case study.


"A big plus with Multipanel is that the panels are low maintenance. With tiles, on the other hand, you will always get the inevitable chip or crack which means having to factor in the additional costs of buying spares as replacements."

Nigel Reeve - Training and Facilities Director at the Marsham Court

Read more in our Marsham Court case study.

"The time taken to complete is considerably less than using conventional tiles which is also a big plus. [...] We now intend to roll out a 25 bedroom refurbishment program using this product as well as being considered for any future en-suite refurbishments.”

Tim Kilroe - Managing Director (Bethell Group PLC)

Read more in our Red Hall Hotel case study.


"The Multipanel product provided not only a commercially practical solution but with the benefits of good aesthetics as aspired by our design team."

Frances Blackham - Design Director at Trevillion

Read more in our Royal National Hotel case study.

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    We offer a FREE TRIAL scheme which provides free products and free-of-charge installation and training services. Experience first-hand how Multipanel can save time and money during your next bathroom development project.

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  1. Gordon's Hotel Case Study

    "The shower panels require no maintenance, a clean down with a damp cloth and they come up like new and there’s no discoloured grout which needs replacing over time."

    Rory Mcleod - Owner of Gordon's Hotel

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  2. Potters Resorts Five Lakes Case Study

    "Multipanel has so many advantages. Among them are the huge savings in labour costs, such as tiling and grouting, which normally take double the time to complete."

    Celia Potter - Potters Resorts

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Multipanel is the first tile effect wall panel to be Made In Britain and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C128180) certified. Our bathroom wall panels are fully waterproof, quick and easy to install due to our Hydrolock® system, and come with a 30 year warranty.

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