Potters Resorts Five Lakes

Refurbishing 100 Hotel Bathrooms

Potters Resorts Five Lakes is situated in the heart of Essex. It offers an all-inclusive experience that includes a wide variety of activities, food and drink, and entertainment.

For its recent bathroom refurbishment project, Potters Resorts chose Multipanel bathroom wall panels due to their easy installation and maintenance and grout-free design. The resort's renovation project included shower wall panels from the Linda Barker and the Tile Collection.

Multipanel has so many advantages. Among them are the huge savings in labour costs, such as tiling and grouting, which normally take double the time to complete.

Celia Potter - Potters Resorts


During the renovation period, the hotel needed to stay open. The team devised a tight work schedule, which was realised over a period of 18 months. Two bathrooms were renovated at a time, taking two weeks each.

"Our main concern was the minimal disruption to guests. The bathrooms had not been touched in 25 years and were fully tiled. Removing the tiles was not an option due to the noise, mess and time [it would have taken].

"Our solution was to remove all fixtures from the bathrooms and panel all walls to cover the existing old tiles."

This reduced the resort's labour costs significantly since the wall panels could be installed in one week. The new fittings were then installed in the second week, ensuring a quick and reliable process.

Our housekeeping staff loves Multipanel because it makes their job so much easier to keep the bathrooms clean.

Celia Potter - Potters Resorts


The installation was made especially simple by Multipanel staff, as Celia Potter explains. "It was really beneficial to chat to Multipanel about their new wall panel profiles, explaining which ones would make the job easier for the fitters when panelling out the bathrooms."

Celia Potter also highlights just how quickly the entire project was completed thanks to Multipanel. Overall, the resort managed to cut the installation time in half, which ensured the project was completed on time.

For the renovation, the resort chose Grey Mineral and White Mineral from the Tile Collection and Calacatta Marble from the Linda Barker Collection.

With a large variety of finishes to chose from, there is something for everyone. The new tile range looks great with a lovely matt textured finish.

Celia Potter - Potters Resorts

The Advantages of Multipanel Wall Panels at a Glance

Even bigger renovation projects can be achievable with minimal disruptions, as Potters Resorts has proven. According to Celia Potter, the team has been enjoying the newly installed panels, and a few benefits of their new Multipanel bathroom wall panels stick out:

  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Modern, new look with minimal disruption
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Speedy housekeeping
  • Quicker and easier turnaround on changeover days


See the gallery below for a peek at the finished refurbishment:

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