Why You Should Choose Multipanel

Multipanel is the UK's leading bathroom wall panel brand. We believe that sustainability should complement performance, in turn creating an easy-to-install, high quality, grout-free product that lasts for years and can be installed 5 times faster than tiles.

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Why Multipanel?

  • 30 year warranty 30 year warranty
  • Quick and easy installation Can be installed 5x faster than tiles
  • Can be installed over old tiles Grout free, no wait time for wet trades
  • Easy cleaning, just wipe down Easy cleaning – just wipe down
  • Almost seamless joint with Hydrolock Discreet watertight joint with Hydrolock
  • Completely waterproof, no mouldy grout 100% recyclable


What makes Multipanel market-leading?

Multipanel is the UK's leading bathroom wall panel. Our bathroom panels are precisely engineered and equipped with our own Hydrolock® joint, which allows seamless installation in any wet room or bathroom. With a wide range of designs and sizes, there is something for everybody. Find out below why Multipanel is the right choice for you.


Unrivalled Product Specification

  • Exclusive and on-trend laminates
  • 30-year warranty
  • Innovative Hydrolock® joint
  • Sustainable core
  • Quality assurance and excellence
  • Versatility in size
  • Laminate backing

  1. On-Trend Laminates

    We use exclusive and on-trend laminates. From competitively priced popular decors to the exclusive Linda Barker collection ‒ our collections cater to every need. Pick from our stone, wood, and even marble effect walls or create a subtle minimalist design. We also offer tile effect panels, the only FSC®-certified tile effect panel made in the UK.

  2. Innovative Hydrolock®

    Our interlocking Hydrolock® joints provide greater precision and a superior finish compared to the traditional T&G slot joint. Our panels feature a market-leading 6mm tolerance and can even be fitted over uneven surfaces. All you need is our Multipanel High Grab Panel Adhesive to connect the "tongued" and "grooved" side.

  3. Sustainable Core

    Our core is made from Exterior MDF with Class 4 durability for areas of prolonged exposure to running water. Exterior Grade MDF has a higher density and lower formaldehyde content than MR MDF or birch plywood, which allows for a cleaner, safer cut. It is also safer to manufacture indoors.

    MDF Bath Panels
  4. Laminate Backing

    Our backing is made from laminate and requires less conditioning than paper backing, reducing the potential for bowing. As a result, our products can be applied to uneven surfaces, and even fit over old tiles.

    Tongue & Groove
  5. 30-Year Warranty

    Our fully waterproof wall panels now come with a 30-year warranty. Our manufactured products are designed to reduce our carbon footprint, and our 30-year warranty ensures that our panels withstand the test of time. Find out more about our warranty policy here.

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Learn with Multipanel University

MultipanelU is an on demand training programme designed to provide installation guidance and advice on how to install our panels. Delivered through a series of short videos, you'll be able to install Multipanel with confidence and ease in no time.

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Multipanel University Accredited

We care about the environment

  1. Sustainably Manufactured

    Multipanel is FSC®-certified for complete customer assurance on responsible sourcing. Our panels are 100% recyclable and we also recycle 99% of post-production waste into biomass materials. We also recently achieved ISO 14001, demonstrating our commitment to the environment.

  2. Locally Sourced

    In 2022, we made the decision to source our core material from our neighbour, the Republic of Ireland. We upgraded to Medite Exterior MDF in the process. Almost all our raw materials now come from the UK and Ireland, minimising our carbon footprint and lowering our environmental impact.

  1. Quality Assurance

    With over 140 years experience in the industry, we have become experts in the field. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which was met through our Quality Management System, designed to meet the needs of our customers.

  2. Versatility in Size

    All shower wall panels are available in 598mm, 900mm and 1200mm widths, offering maximum versatility for your next bathroom renovation. Because every bathroom is different, we offer both unlipped panels and panels with Hydrolock®.


What makes Multipanel market-leading?

  1. Bathroom Planner

    Create your dream bathroom using our bathroom planner to visualise our wall and flooring collections in a range of room sizes.

    Plan Your Bathroom
  • FSC®-certified
  • Made in Britain
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 30 year warranty 30 Year Warranty