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  1. Bathroom Colour Trends for 2024

    The colour trends set for next year are a reflection on the shift in how we see our homes in a post-pandemic world. Our homes are now a place where we want to feel nurtured, as well as bringing us both joy and positivity, and our bathrooms are no different to the rest of the home.

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  1. Popular Bathroom Trends for 2024

    Update your bathroom from a purely functional space to an on-trend space that elevates your home interior.

  2. Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Bathroom

    It's the perfect time of the year to give your bathroom a magical glow-up that will leave your home sparkling beyond the festive period. With our waterproof wall panels, you can achieve your dream bathroom in just 24 hours which is perfect if you’re planning a quick end of year bathroom renovation.

  3. Built in baths will be all the rage in 2024, thanks to Multipanel’s quirky design tip

    The latest design trend for 2024 is about transforming homes into luxurious spaces. This trend is perfect for creating a bathroom where you can take some time to yourself, unwind and switch off with a long hot bubble bath.

  4. Bathroom Colour Trends for 2024

    To look ahead to the bathroom design trends that will be popular in 2024.

  5. Style Your Bathroom With Plant Hangers

    Plants can be a great addition to your bathroom. They can absorb moisture and transform the smallest of spaces. Give your bathroom a makeover with hanging foliage. Read our blog to find out how you can create your own mini jungle.

  6. Create a Bathroom Feature Wall With the Wow Factor

    Walls don’t have to be plain! With a feature wall you can create a modern and unique design that is sure to catch everybody’s attention. It’s quick and easy — all you need is a design idea. Read our blog post to find out how you can create your own feature wall in your bathroom.

  7. Bathroom Trends 2023 ‒ What We Can Expect in the New Year

    Looking for bathroom décor inspiration? Here are some emerging trends that are set to take the market by storm in 2023.

  8. Bathroom Design Tools

    Bathroom Design Tools

    Use our step-by-step guide to kick start your planning process. We’ve broken down the process of planning your bathroom renovation into four easy steps to turn your dream bathroom into a reality with our bathroom design tools.

  9. Bathroom Design Ideas

    Looking for great bathroom design ideas? From biophilic to Japandi and marble‒‒in this article we share our favourite new trends.

  10. Small Bathroom Ideas

    Small Bathroom Ideas

    8 Modern Bathroom Designs to Inspire Your Small Bathroom Makeover

  11. Downstairs Toilet Ideas

    Downstairs Toilet Ideas

    Don’t know what to do with your small downstairs toilet? Take it from drab to daring and impress your guests with these trendy bathroom ideas.

  12. Coastal Bathroom Ideas

    Crystal clear water, warm sand, sunshine – you don’t have to travel to Cornwall or the Scottish islands to feel like you are on a holiday. With our design ideas, your bathroom will take you straight to the coast. Let’s catch some sea air!

  13. Once, twice, three times Multipanel

    When it came to deciding on how to renovate three bathrooms in her Aberdeen home, aesthetics, speed of installation, cost and ease of cleaning were front of mind for Helen Baloshi.

  14. Glasgow Bathroom Transformation

    Interior designer Silvia Ciferri has recently shared photos of her latest project of a bathroom renovation in a flat in Glasgow. Read our blog post to find out why Multipanel was the right choice for her.

  15. Kids Bathroom Ideas

    Create a family-friendly bathroom for you and your kids. Leading interior designer Linda Barker shares hints and tips on how to transform your bathroom into a characterful space that your children can call their own.

  16. Bathroom Plant Ideas

    There are plenty of benefits to living your life with plants. They are rumoured to have masses of health giving properties and I am someone who definitely gets the power of the plant in every room in my house, downstairs loo included.

  17. An Interview with Linda Barker

    Interior designer, Linda Barker talks about what’s in and what’s out in bathroom design, her influences and of course…the free-standing circular sink.

  18. Acrylic bathroom wall panels

    Designing your bathroom

    Whether you lean towards the classic or contemporary in interior design, when it comes to redesigning your bathroom it pays to really consider every detail required of the space before parting with any of your hard-earned cash.

  19. Looking up: bathrooms with high ceilings

    A large bathroom can sometimes look or feel cold and empty. There are, however, steps we can take to retain the added height and make a feature of it.

  20. Get the look: Scandi Bathroom

    Are you a fan of Scandinavian interior design? In this article, Linda Barker shares her top tips for designing your new Scandi bathroom.

  21. Rescue your poorly lit bathroom

    Poor natural light in bathrooms is a common problem, read Linda Barkers latest article for Multipanel where UK's most loved interior designer explains how to rescue your poorly lit bathroom.

  22. Linda Barker Collection bathroom wall panels

    Get the look: Japandi Bathroom

  23. Benefits of Using Shower Panels Instead of Tiles

    Did you know that wall panels can be installed up to five times quicker than traditional tiles and don't have grout lines? That means no more scrubbing! In this article, we explain all the great benefits of shower wall panels.

  24. How To Tile Without Grout

    You love the look of tiles, but you don't want the hassle of grout? Read our blog post to find out how you can tile your bathroom without grout.

  25. Covering Old Bathroom Tiles

  26. Tile alternative for bathroom floors

  27. What can I use instead of tiles?

  28. Tile effect bathroom wall panels

    Shower Panels or Tiles?

  29. Tile Alternatives for Bathroom Walls

    Renovating your bathroom seems daunting? Bathroom wall panels are the alternative to tiles! They are quick to install, easy to clean and maintain, and have no grout lines. In this blog post we explain why you should definitely upgrade to Multipanel.

  30. Bathroom cladding ideas

    Which type of bathroom cladding is best for my bathroom? Read our blog post to find out more.

  31. Tongue and groove bathroom panels

    Bathroom renovations don't need to take long. Our Hydrolock® tongue and groove panel joining system offers a quick installation and a completely watertight system. Read this blog post to find out more.

  32. Bathroom Renovation Ideas

  33. How to renovate bathrooms without removing tiles

    Forget about chipping away at those tired old tiles! In this blog posts, we share how easy it is to renovate your bathroom with Multipanel shower wall panels.

  34. Are shower panels a good idea?

  35. How do I choose a bathroom floor?

  36. What can I use for shower walls?

  37. Do bathroom walls have to be tiled?

    Did you know that Multipanel bathroom wall panels are completely waterproof? In this blog post, we explain why your bathroom walls don't need to be tiled.

  38. Multipanel's John Mortimer on Fix Radio

  39. Is Wall Panelling Expensive?

  40. Fitting Bathroom Wall Panels to Uneven Walls

    Renovating your bathroom isn't as difficult as you think. In this blog post, we explain how to prepare your bathroom walls to make sure you achieve professional results and how you can fit our panels to uneven walls or traditional tiles.

  1. Bathroom Planner

    Create your dream bathroom using our bathroom planner to visualise our wall and flooring collections in a range of room sizes.

    Plan Your Bathroom