Student Accommodation

Vibrant and Hygienic Student Housing

Universities are under increasing pressure to provide suitable accommodation for the student market. The volume of students each year is growing significantly, meaning universities need to ensure their partners can provide speed and ease of construction. With Multipanel, renovating bathrooms in student accommodation has never been simpler. The Hydrolock® joint creates a watertight system and ensures a quick and easy installation. Plus, our wall panels come with a 30-year warranty.

  • Bathroom wall panels are five times quicker to install than traditional tiles
  • Reduced cost both in materials and installation
  • No grout and simple to clean
  • Supplied on a just-in-time basis to suit student accommodation refurbishment programmes
  • 30 year warranty

Key Considerations for Student Accommodation

  1. Modern Bathroom Designs

    Students have high expectations of their living quarters, from the need for an en-suite bathroom to stylish decor. Multipanel helps deliver vibrant interiors cost-effectively through a range of over 100 decors. These include shower wall panels with boutique designs and stunning marble and tile effect panels as an alternative to traditional tiling for the top end of the student market.

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  2. Punctual Renovations

    Universities have very limited time periods to perform renovations between term times and summer visitors. Multipanel products can dramatically reduce the time required to turn rooms around. Thanks to our precisely engineered Hydrolock® joint system, panels are quick and easy to install—they can even be installed over old tiles. And since there is no need for specialist wet trades on site, rooms can be completed within 24 hours.

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  3. Minimal Cleaning Requirements

    No more scrubbing! Multipanel shower panels are easy to clean, have no grout, and require minimal maintenance compared to traditional tiles. They have an increased life cycle and reduce facilities management costs due to their 30-year warranty. Multipanel products can dramatically reduce the time required to turn rooms around.

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Multipanel provided us with a completely waterproof solution at an affordable price. Beyond product functionality, Multipanel also offered us a great choice of stylish decors that we knew would appeal to today’s discerning students.

Nilem Boyd - Director of Stannary Solutions

  1. Why you should choose Multipanel

    Multipanel is the UK's leading bathroom wall panel brand. We believe that sustainability should complement performance, in turn creating an easy-to-install, high quality, grout-free product that lasts for years and can be installed 5 times faster than tiles.

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  1. Free Trial

    We offer a FREE TRIAL scheme which provides free products and free-of-charge installation and training services. Experience first-hand how Multipanel can save time and money during your next bathroom development project.

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Multipanel is the first tile effect wall panel to be Made In Britain and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C128180) certified. Our bathroom wall panels are fully waterproof, quick and easy to install due to our Hydrolock® system, and come with a 30 year warranty.