Gordon's Hotel

Situated at the foot of the famous Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, the Gordon’s Hotel offers the perfect getaway. It's only a stone's throw away away from the Mendip Hills and Somerset countryside and has a total of 12 rooms.

The hotel was taken over in September 2015 and its bathroom interiors have since been upgraded on multiple occasions. Rory Mcleod, the owner of Gordon’s Hotel, explains why Multipanel was the perfect fit for two separate bathroom renovations.

"I was very fortunate to have a guest who works for Vado, a shower and tap company, who recommended Multipanel as the best shower panel company. He wasn’t exaggerating!”

The shower panels require no maintenance, a clean down with a damp cloth and they come up like new and there’s no discoloured grout which needs replacing over time.

Rory Mcleod - Owner of Gordon's Hotel

Mcleod refurbished the Gordon’s Hotel with Multipanel bathroom panels for the first time in 2016 and chose to continue using Multipanel in 2023. Both the endurance and maintenance have made a lasting impression on Mcleod.

“We knew that we had to refurbish the whole hotel as it needed to be brought up to a standard that guests expect nowadays, and we wanted to make sure that the bathrooms did not just look stylish but were also easy to keep clean.”

For the renovations, Rory Mcleod chose bathroom wall panels from our Linda Barker collection, including Concrete Formwood, Corten Elements, Dolce Macchiato, Ferro Grafite, and Stone Elements. The wide variety of textures, colours, and effects give each bathroom a unique feel.

We’ve been so impressed with the product. We have guests asking if our bathrooms have been newly refurbished (even the ones that we refurbished many years prior).

Rory Mcleod - Owner of Gordon's Hotel


After hearing the positive feedback from his guests, Mcleod made the choice to upgrade to stylish Multipanel flooring as well: “Not only have we fitted Multipanel shower boards this year, we’ve also used Multipanel click flooring planks which have brought our bathrooms to a new level.”

Our Warm Smoked Oak Click Flooring was an immediate favourite. The authentic-looking wood textures and deep chocolate brown were the ideal choice for the welcoming interior of the Gordon’s Hotel, adding a touch of warmth to each renovated bathroom.

See the gallery below for a peek at the finished refurbishment: