Multipanel is the UK leading brand of waterproof shower and bathroom panels and is part of Grant Westfield Limited.

Multipanel is the UK leading brand of waterproof shower and bathroom panels and is part of Grant Westfield.

Grant Westfield was established in 1881 and born from a passion for true craftsmanship, high quality design and expert manufacturing capabilities. Backed by over 140 years’ experience in interior building design, our size and success has been pioneered by a carefully selected, skilled and driven workforce.

Our story began when Donald Grant started a shop-fitting company in 1881, trading through two world wars in wood, metal, glass and plastics locally and nationally. In 1962 the company focus shifted towards manufacturing, and many years of industry expertise led to popular demand from various sectors.

As Grant Westfield grew, and became a leading name in commercial washroom panels and cubicles, the opportunity arose to develop quality products for homeowners that wanted waterproof bathrooms, shower enclosures and kitchens. We began testing products to create new ways to renovate more quickly and practically, designing innovative waterproof panel systems for the home. Around the turn of the millennium, Multipanel arrived.

Today, our professional team is dedicated to creating new alternatives to enhance the beauty of our homes without long and difficult renovation work. Designing contemporary solutions for waterproof walls and floors, the Multipanel range is still growing with around 8,000 panels now produced every week.

Multipanel is available throughout the UK and Ireland and we are expanding throughout Europe. Our beautiful bathroom wall panels and complementary products are currently available in Germany and the Netherlands, distributed from our warehouse on the German-Dutch border.  

Multipanel is also available in Australia and New Zealand with an exclusive distributor.

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