Multipanel's Environmental Product Declaration

We’re proud to have obtained an EPD for all our UK Multipanel collections. The EPD covers environmental impacts from cradle to grave and has been independently verified. Read below to find out more on EPD's and what they mean for you.

The importance of EPD's

Supporting specifiers, architects and designers meet their environmental needs with sustainable solutions is at the heart of what we do.

The EPD certification transparently communicates the environmental performance and impact of all its products, including the Tile Collection. This helps the construction sector and homeowners to choose products that support carbon emission reduction. 


Driving around the circumference of the Earth 628 times is equivalent to the CO2 reduction in Multipanel being used instead of tiles in 2023.

  1. What is an EPD?

    EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration and is produced by conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the product. This document analysis looks at the full product lifecycle from the product construction, raw materials, packaging, transportation, and installation process to how the product is disposed of. EPD's are third-party verified in accordance with ISO 14025 and ISO 14040/14044.

  2. How can EPD’s help architects and specifiers?

    EPD's can be used to select products that have the lightest impact on the environment, by doing so Multipanel can help create a more sustainable building industry. In the pledge to reach net zero by 2050, specifiers can use EPD’s to compare the impacts of materials at the product selection stage, ensuring that the most sustainable options are specified. This allows designers to increase the number of points a building receives, which in turn can increase the market value of a project and reduce the overall ownership costs.

    Download the EPD certificate


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