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Multipanel, The Ultimate Interior Cladding Solution

Bathroom 2 HR Lighter

Multipanel is the UK’s leading manufacturer of completely waterproof solutions. With a comprehensive offering of walls, floors, ceilings and vanities, they offer the optimum solution for Housing Associations to refurbish their housing stock’s bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens.

Housing Associations are increasingly recognising the importance of high specification accommodation. From reducing long-term maintenance bills and encouraging residents to stay longer (lowering void periods), providing this standard of accommodation has long-standing benefits. Market rent and shared ownership developments could seriously benefit from transitioning away from traditional interior methods and moving on to the future with Multipanel.

Maintaining and refreshing housing stock is a major undertaking, however, Multipanel can make the whole experience more cost effective, stress free, less time consuming and produce a finished look that is aesthetically pleasing to the tenants. Multipanel’s products are renowned for their state of the art function, practicality and ease.

Quick turn around and easy installation is essential when renovating to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. Multipanel offers the perfect solution with long lasting design and quality, that is easy to install and maintain. Unlike traditional tiles, Multipanel delivers a long lasting, modern wall finish and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Grout is a thing of the past, Multipanel’s range of wall panels remove the hassle of mould and are much easier to clean than tiles.  The ‘Tile Range’ panels provide all the visual benefits of real tiles, and are a cost effective alternative to tiles. Panels can be applied directly to almost any surface, from existing tiles to straight onto the studwork, greatly reducing time consumption and cost. Multipanel has a 2-day turnaround for installation, as opposed to 6 days for ceramic tiles, thus greatly improving efficiency and overall productivity. Furthermore, Multipanel’s ‘Tile Range’ has impressed in anti-vandalism tests performed by a Housing Association as part of the specification process.

Multipanel’s ‘Classic Range’ exemplifies timeless design with modern functionality and the innovative tongue and groove detail, Hydrolock, provides a discreet finish across the expanse of the room. Available in standard and premier surfaces, ‘Classic Range’ is Multipanel’s most popular choice for standard commercial and residential projects.

Multipanel also caters to flooring with their exclusive ‘Stick Flooring Range’. Offering an affordable alternative to real tiles and wood, ‘Stick Flooring’ is ideal for refurbishments. Reinventing vinyl flooring, ‘Stick Flooring’ is made from two overlapping layers of tough vinyl, producing a patented overlapping gluestrip. This innovative measure, enables the planks and tiles to stick together rather than to the surface beneath, thus allowing quick and simple installation for any project.

At the end of 2016 Multipanel are set to launch their high performance vinyl flooring range ‘WetFlor’. Completely waterproof, suitable for wet, dry, hygienic, domestic and public areas, ‘WetFlor’ can provide a perfect fit for commercial interiors.  With no studded emboss, easy to clean and no compromise on safety, ‘WetFlor’ is already set for high demand.

Michael Dobson, Director of Multipanel, enthuses that “With an ageing population, demand for disabled adaptation wet rooms is rapidly increasing and we are delighted to be launching our wet room floor with R11 slip resistance so that we can offer a unique wet room package, floors, walls and ceilings.  This completes an exciting year for innovative developments at Multipanel where we have already launched a new modern kitchen splashback range.”

Bathroom 2 HR Lighter

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