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Effective, simple installation.

Multipanel wall panels and ceilings can be finished to create a watertight seal using profiles. Available in White, Black, Polished Silver and Anodised Silver to complement your choice of panel colour.

For the Reflect Range, the profiles are colour matched to panel colour.

Seal and protect your wall and ceiling panels using Multipanel profiles.


Linda Barker, Heritage & Classic Profiles

Flush Corner Profile Type Y Last Corner Profile Type A Internal Corner Profile

Type B External Corner Profile Type C End Cap L-shaped Type D Mid Joint Profile

Type E Quadrant End Cap Profile Type X Base Profile

Tile Range Profiles

Type J Internal Corner Profile Type Z Last Corner Profile Type H External Corner Profile

Type F End Cap Type G Mid Joint

Reflect Range Profiles

Type 10 Internal Corner Type 12 External Corner Type 14 End Cap Type 16 Mid joint

Economy Profiles

Type V Internal Corner Type W External Corner Type U End Cap

Ceiling Profiles

Type K Mid Joint Type L End Cap Type M Ceiling Mould

Type N Internal Corner Type O External Corner Type P Clip-in Trim

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