Copper Wall Panels

With a textured finish, our copper wall panels are perfect in an industrial style bathroom designs.

Perfect for industrial luxe style bathroom designs, our low-maintenance copper panels will allow you to bring the look and feel of raw materials into your bathroom with 100% waterproof confidence.

Corten Elements from the Linda Barker Collection offers a textured finish, and works well paired with Taupe Grey from our Pure Collection.

Our copper bathroom wall panels are sophisticated, on-trend and thoroughly modern.

Products by Colour

  1. Black wall panels

    Black Wall Panels

    For a dark, sophisticated look our collection of black bathroom wall panels will add depth to any design. Granite, marble and slate allow you to bring materials from the natural world into your bathroom without the hassle of grout.

  2. Cream Wall Panels

    Cream Wall Panels

    Our collection of cream bathroom wall panels will help you add a touch of understated glamour to you bathroom. Textured panels such as Marfil Cream and Riven Marble create a spa like finish, whilst the subtle shade of White Grey from the Pure Collection works well with others such as Jupiter Silver.

  3. Brown Wall Panels

    For rich, earthy tones our brown bathroom wall panels deliver a range of luxurious options incorporating granite, wood and stone. Pair them with White Grey or Taupe Grey from the Pure Collection.

  4. White Wall Panels

    White Bathroom Wall Panels

    Our white bathroom wall panels can help create a sleek minimalist look for your bathroom. From plain white, white marble to those with a touch of sparkle, there's the right shade of white for all tastes.

  5. Grey Wall Panels

    Grey Wall panels

    This collection of grey bathroom wall panels incorporates luxurious finishes such as wood, stone and concrete, allowing you to create a high end finish in your bathroom.

  6. Green Bathroom Wall Panels

    In the most subtlest of shades, our green bathroom wall panels are perfect in scandi style bathroom designs for a fresh minimalist look.

  7. Blue Wall Panels

    Give your bathroom a calming makeover with our blue bathroom wall panels. They are available in matt and tile and look best when paired with our other matt shades. Explore seamless panel installation without the hassle of grout.

  8. Pink Wall Panels

    Our pink bathroom wall panels add a touch of vintage elegance to your bathroom. Antique Rose is a pale pink and a true all-rounder. Pair it with black, white, or even colourful furniture. Create a space that is truly yours, without the hassle of grout.

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