Create a Bathroom Feature Wall With the Wow Factor

Walls don’t have to be plain! With a feature wall you can create a modern and unique design that is sure to catch everybody’s attention. It’s quick and easy — all you need is a design idea. Read our blog post to find out how you can create your own feature wall in your bathroom.

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What are feature walls?

A feature wall is a single statement wall in a room that has been created with paint, wallpaper, or wall panelling. It creates a focal point and draws the attention towards the design. That means it’s an ideal design choice for adding a personal touch to your home. You can be as creative as you want — because you’re only decorating one wall, your new design won’t be overwhelming. Say hello to bold designs, dark colours, and stunning effects. With an accentuated wall, the possibilities are truly endless.


Concrete Elements (Linda Barker Collection)


When is a bathroom feature wall the right choice?

Feature walls are a great option if you have limited space. They naturally draw attention and can create depth, which makes small rooms appear much larger. With the right design, these accent walls can also provide a great contrast and a natural focal point. Keep in mind that features are usually best accompanied by white, beige, or light grey walls like White Grey from our Pure Collection to maximise the effect.


Riven Slate (Classic Collection)


If you are working with a limited budget and your bathroom is in dire need of an upgrade, refitting just one wall can help you save money. You can re-use paints and wallpapers from different rooms or buy smaller quantities of materials for your project. But don’t worry – you don’t have to sacrifice style due to your budget. Our range of waterproof bathroom panels can be used as feature panels for walls. Each panel offers the luxury appearance of a stone, slate or even a marble feature wall for a fraction of the cost.

We all know it – renovating your home can be tedious and time-consuming. But when you are decorating only one wall, you can save time and effort on your project. No more afternoons of sanding, plastering, and painting! You can focus your attention at the task at hand. And let’s not forget that you don’t need to move all of your furniture either.


Can you use any wall as an accent wall?

Because feature walls are such big design elements, finding the right spot is important. In most cases this will be the wall opposite the door as it is the first wall people see. But you can also opt for the wall behind the bathtub, shower or sink, which is especially helpful in smaller spaces. Try to visualise your new space – what stands out? What would you like people to notice first when they enter the room? A common mistake is accentuating elements which already stand out, i.e., bright and tall windows or the door itself. Choose a space that your eyes are drawn to naturally instead.

Botanical bathroom with white gypsum and taupe grey wall panel

White Gypsum (Linda Barker Collection)


Black or white? Feature wall colours and designs

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, you can choose from a great variety of colours, textures, and patterns. Don’t be shy – designs which would otherwise be overwhelming make great accent walls. Start by choosing the texture and finish. Should the wall be matte or gloss to reflect the light? Do you have a specific natural effect in mind? Make a statement with stone or slate effects such as our Cappuccino Stone or a stunning wooden feature wall. Our Salvaged Planked Elm shower wall panel feels and looks like real wood but is fully waterproof and easy to clean and maintain.


White Terrazzo (Tile Collection)


If you are looking for a more traditional look, why not choose feature wall tiles? They naturally brighten spaces and change the ambience in a room. They can even help create a visual barrier in open-plan shower rooms. Our White Terrazzo tile effect panel contains pale, grey colour variations and makes a stunning grey feature wall for darker furniture or oversized bathtubs. For slightly darker variations, choose Valmasino Marble.

For a dramatic contrast, opt for a dark or black feature wall in your bathroom. Although we tend to associate lighter colours with big spaces, dark colours can open up rooms if used strategically. The dark effect pushes the wall into the foreground, while the rest of the room becomes subdued. This, in turn, becomes a visual guideline for our eyes, creating the illusion of depth in the process.


Calacatta Marble (Linda Barker Collection)


Upgrading your bathroom with feature wall panels

Feature wall cladding is a great way of adding a personal touch to your interior design and breathing fresh air into your home. Whether big or small, bold pink or matte black – they transform any bathroom and add a jaw-dropping wow-factor. With our Multipanel wall panels, you can create a space that’s truly your own. To create your own feature wall design, try our Bathroom Planner.

For more bathroom decorating inspiration, take a look at the gallery below.