Shower Panels or Tiles?

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Are shower panels a good idea?

It’s easy to see why waterproof wall panels are gaining ground on tiles as the decorative choice for bathrooms.

Like ceramic tiles, Multipanel wall panels offer impressive water resistance; they're 100% waterproof.  However, unlike tiles, they don't require grout, so they are much easier to clean and maintain.  And with no grout there is no risk of mould. Wall panels can be installed on a variety of surfaces – wood, concrete or even over existing tiles, and are easily cut to size to fit any bathroom perfectly.

The ease of fitting means that there is no requirement for specialist trades to complete your installation. This, combined with the lack of on-going maintenance issues, means that waterproof panelling can offer an all round much more convenient alternative to ceramic tiles.

How to choose the best shower panels

A wide selection of colours and finishes is important of course, but critically you have to be sure of the integrity of the product you choose.

Firstly, your shower panels must be impervious to the effects of water and moisture.

PVC panels are at the cheapest end of the spectrum, and while these will, if correctly sealed, provide a barrier against water, they tend to come in a very limited range of colours and designs.  Furthermore, because their construction doesn’t feature a solid core, they are often not nearly as durable – a few bumps and knocks will likely lead to a cracked surface and water ingress. Because PVC panels have no real core substance, they tend not to sit very happily on a bumpy or bevelled wall.

This lack of structural integrity also makes it far from ideal for use in tongue and groove applications.

Market Leading

With Multipanel bathroom panels from the Neutrals, Linda Barker, Heritage and Classic Collections, you can be sure of having the best and most durable shower panels on the market. Constructed with a bonded high-pressure laminate with a 9mm Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) C128180 certified core, these panels are built to last, and come with a 30-year guarantee.

Backed by over 135 years of manufacturing expertise, Multipanel is the UK brand leader in the design and manufacture of high-end waterproof panelling solutions. 

With Multipanel shower panels you can make the very most of any bathroom space: Jupiter Silver from the Classic Collection, for instance, is a great choice for bringing light to a dark space, while the textured look and feel of Delano Oak, will appeal to the senses and give you a stylish contemporary look.  Panels from the different collections can be mixed and matched. They can be used almost anywhere – used as a bath panel they give a great intentional, co-ordinated look; around the sink; and in the shower enclosure; or on all your walls, will completely transform the look of your room. 

Waterproof panels have so many advantages over tiles

Multipanel waterproof shower panels give you the following clear advantages over tiles:

  • An absence of grout lines means the emergence of mould is completely eradicated.
  • Panels take very little time to clean– a quick wipe down is all that’s required to keep them in pristine condition.
  • Multipanel can be fitted directly to almost any surface, including existing tiles or straight onto studwork.
  • Tongue and Groove Installation is quick and easy – you can expect walls to be complete and ready for use within 24 hours - about one-third of the time it would for tiling.
  • Not only are they made here in the UK, they are also manufactured using Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) C128180 certified materials which means that they are kinder to the environment.

Multipanel waterproof wall panels are beautiful and are guaranteed to transform your bathroom from work-a-day functional space into one that is truly luxurious.

So, when it comes to revamping your bathroom: Don’t tile it. Multipanel it!

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