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Bathroom Plant Ideas

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There are plenty of benefits to living your life with plants. They are rumoured to have masses of health giving properties and I am someone who definitely gets the power of the plant in every room in my house, downstairs loo included. There's a healthy exchange of oxygen and CO2 which comes with plants and this makes for good air quality and there’s increasing evidence to suggest how the simple pot plant can make people calmer and happier. Hurrah, let's get potting up the pelargoniums and dusting off the spider plants, its official; plants make us happy humans.

Bathroom Plants

When it comes to plants in the bathroom your green fingers need to work a little less as this space is naturally warm and at times quite humid, all stuff that plants love. Make certain your plants get access to some natural light and you’re set.

If you’re planning a bathroom from scratch then its important to think about your key elements. Wall colour should be your first consideration. A pale, classic bathroom might be the look you’re going for and my Calacatta wall panels will help you create this.

Bathroom Plants Calacatta wall panels

For your research, you might want to look at the elegant bathrooms you’ll see in the pages of travel magazines, I’ll often refer to old, back copies as the interiors never seem to date.

For a bolder vibe consider the darker, moodier approach more frequently seen in contemporary spas and wellbeing spaces, Ferro Grafite or Jet Noir combined with our Pebble Grey wall panels from the new Neutrals Collection would be two of my favourite combinations. Big, broad leafed green plants look fabulous against dark walls.

Bathroom Plants

Whist you're in the mood for decorating don’t forget to look up at the ceiling. Its a big expanse of plaster and is most often overlooked in a bathroom and often left just white. But, if I’m lying in the bath then, oh boy! my ceiling is getting a lot of attention. I’ve recently papered a bathroom ceiling with a silvered wallpaper which I love, but a coat of paint is great too, but I urge you to opt for a colour and not just brilliant white. If in doubt choose a mid tone grey, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Best Plants for Bathroom

Now, back to these plants…. Once your walls and lighting are set and the bath tub placed just right, lets think about creating your tropical experience. I remember macrame plant hangers first time around and these cradles are bang up to date again, etsy has lots to choose from. They’re cheap to buy and easy to make yourself and are perfect for holding any size of plant plot from either the ceiling or window reveal.

A tiered approach will give you the fullness that’s most attractive in a bathroom, so, a tall occasional table plus a low wooden stool will give you varying height platforms for all your greenery needs. The large broad leaves of a Monstera (Swiss cheese plant) combined with a ficus (fiddler Fig is a good one) and a Staghorn fern (a favourite) is a lovely triage of green texture but cheap and cheerful Chinese money plants will get you off to a good start and you can add more as your confidence grows. Its official, its good for you.

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