Multipanel promotes less wastage through a quirky bathroom design tip for retailers and installers

Multipanel, the UK’s leading wall panel brand, is on a drive to help KBB retailers and installers of its panels reduce waste.

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As an increasing number of homeowners turn to bathroom wall panels over tiles, Multipanel is educating its customers on how turning to a clever design trick can mean a significant reduction in offcuts going to waste.

As well as being able to be used on walls, Multipanel’s panels can also be used as bath panels, as well as creating a ledge around the top of the bath for a sunken effect. By doing so, it not only reduces waste, but provides homeowners with a cost-effective way of jazzing up your standard bath.

We are a company that is committed to its environmental credentials, as its products are manufactured in the UK using Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C128180) certified materials and are 100% recyclable. We also recycle 99% of our post-production waste, reducing landfill and contributing to the circular economy.




How to install bath panels:

  • Installers should build a wooden frame of battens for the panel to sit against.
  • The frame should be fitted under the bath to allow a gap of 11mm for the rear of the bath panel to sit against the frame and the finished side of the panel to be flush with the lip of the bath.
  • Installers should measure the distance between the finished floor surface and the underside of the top of the bath and cut the panel accordingly. If using 2 or 3 panel off-cuts, click them together to form the bath panel.
  • Offer up the new bath panel and make any final adjustments if necessary.
  • Fix into place with either screws or a small amount of adhesive to allow for removal and access to pipework for future repairs/maintenance.

Bathroom panels provide a 100% waterproof surface, they don’t require grout, they are quicker to install, and they last longer—all without compromising on style. They are a modern and sustainable alternative to traditional tiles: using bathroom panels instead of tiles saves on average 15 installation hours per bathroom and positively contributes to accelerating home completion timescales, as well as reducing snagging issues.

Why Multipanel?

  • Quick and easy installation Quick and easy installation
  • Completely waterproof, no mouldy grout Completely waterproof - no mouldy grout
  • Easy cleaning, just wipe down Easy cleaning - just wipe down
  • Almost seamless joint with Hydrolock Almost seamless joint with Hydrolock
  • 30 year warranty 30 year warranty
  • Can be installed over old tiles Can be installed over old tiles

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  • FSC®-certified
  • Made in Britain
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 30 year warranty 30 Year Warranty