Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Bathroom

It's the perfect time of the year to give your bathroom a magical glow-up that will leave your home sparkling beyond the festive period. With our waterproof wall panels, you can achieve your dream bathroom in just 24 hours which is perfect if you’re planning a quick end of year bathroom renovation.

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Spruce up your bathroom in time for Christmas!

Dressing your bathroom doesn't have to be extreme, adding small elements can make all the difference, including wreaths, festive ornaments, or small Christmas tree's. If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate your bathroom for Christmas, have a read below at our favourite festive trends.


Christmas Woodland

Style your bathroom with natural earthy tones for a welcoming atmosphere. The addition of small tree ornaments, muted furnishings and soft lights is the perfect way to embrace the season with a trendy woodland touch. 


Christmas bathroom ideas warm lights

Our Sage Green and Taupe Grey decors work wonderfully to add warmth.

Why not purchase some towels with holiday patterns? Look for towels in festive colors such as red, green, gold, or silver. You can also add embroidered monograms or holiday-themed appliques to personalise them. Bathmats are also a popular choice for adding Christmas cheer to your bathroom.


Golden Glitter

Opt for gold and bronze decorations to add warmth and sparkle to your home that oozes class and style. Consider using warm lighting, gold baubles and bronze twigs to bring this theme to life.

Hang a small, Christmas-themed wreath on the bathroom door, wall, or place a decorative ornament bowl on the vanity. Fill it with small, colorful Christmas ornaments or tree trimmings for an extra touch of holiday cheer.


Christmas bathroom ideas greenery


You could also place scented candles in luxurious holiday scents like cinnamon, vanilla, or pine to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while adding a touch of elegance.


Winter Fairytale

This classic colour scheme of silver accessories is sure to get your home ready for Christmas. Opt for white lights, frosted elements and silver sparkle to have your bathroom beaming with festivity.


Christmas bathroom ideas silver decorations


Use snowflake-shaped bath mats, silver towels, and a white shower curtain with snowflake patterns. Add white candles and subtle Christmas lights for a cozy ambiance.


Champagne Luxe

Adding a splash of cream, beige and brown tones alongside traditional green decorations creates the perfect contrast for a classy, eye-catching festive interior.

Simple but stunning, this trend works perfectly by adding fairy lights to greenery, alongside decorations with a neutral colour palette to give a subtle Christmas glow.


Christmas bathroom decoration ideas


For example, place a small Christmas tree in the corner of the bathroom. Decorate it with mini ornaments, battery-operated string lights, and a tiny tree topper for a festive touch. This is a quick and easy way to bring Christmas into the bathroom.

A lot of decorating can be done if you're on a budget, too. There are plenty of DIY tutorials and inspiration out there to get you started. Pinterest is a good starting point if you're stuck for creative ideas.

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