Large Bathroom Tiles

The Large Tile Collection has been specifically designed to create the illusion of depth and space. Explore the full range.

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Why Multipanel?

  • Quick and easy installation Quick and easy installation
  • Completely waterproof, no mouldy grout Completely waterproof - no mouldy grout
  • Easy cleaning, just wipe down Easy cleaning - just wipe down
  • Almost seamless joint with Hydrolock Almost seamless joint with Hydrolock
  • 30 year warranty 30 year warranty
  • Can be installed over old tiles Can be installed over old tiles

Discover Multipanel Tile Wall Panels


No more mouldy grout! These wall panels look and feel like real large format bathroom tiles. The tile effect is achieved with state-of-the-art Biesse technology, which etches a decorative, light grey grout line into the wall panel laminate.

Multipanel bathroom panels with tile effect are available in a range of colours and textures. Discover real mineral and marble effects, such as Grey Mineral and Valmasino Marble, or renovate your bathroom with classy neutral shades. For a timeless look, try our extra large white tiles.

Multipanel looks like tiles but performs like a panel.

FAQs About Multipanel Wall Panels

How is the tile effect achieved?

The tile effect is created with state-of-the-art machinery from Biesse, which etches grout lines into the wall panel laminate. The lines are purely decorative, which means there is no mouldy grout.

Do large tiles look good in small bathrooms?

Large tiles are a great option for smaller bathrooms because they create the illusion of depth and space. Choose lighter colours, such as beige or cream, and a light grout line to maximise the effect.

Is the installation of wall panels complicated?

Multipanel wall panels are delivered ready for use. There is no need for wet trade specialists on-site and new panels can be installed within just 24 hours.

Can wall panels be applied directly to existing tiles?

Yes, provided they are sound, our bathroom wall panels are suitable for covering old bathroom tiles.

How do I clean Multipanel?

We recommend cleaning our bathroom panels with a micro-fibre cloth, warm water and a non-abrasive mild detergent. Scouring powders or similar products should not be used.

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