Multipanel Demands Doubles in Social Housing in 2023

Multipanel, the UK’s leading bathroom wall panel brand, has announced that demand for its panels have doubled within the social housing market in the past 12 months, and has launched a new product in response to the rise in sales.

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Multipanel has launched a new type of profile, which will enable bathrooms to be adapted without the need to replace Multipanel panels, which have a 30-year lifecycle. Whether a floor needs to be replaced, or a bath taken out, the floor to wall profile will allow for seamless adaptation.



103 floor to wall profile
103 floor to wall profile



The new 103 floor to wall profile will have particular benefits for Housing Associations. With bathroom flooring enduring high levels of traffic, it will often need replaced more quickly than panels, which are high-performing and durable, coming a 30-year warranty. The floor to wall profile creates a discreet base to fit Multipanel above, while allowing sheet vinyl flooring to clip in underneath.

Adaptable, Sustainable and Durable


Beyond being used in Social Housing, Multipanel’s floor to wall profiles also allow adaptation in homeowner’s bathrooms, whether bathrooms need to be adapted to accommodate multi-generational living, family members with additional needs, or if the floor simply needs to be changed or updated.

Lasting up to 30 years, bathroom wall panels are a maintenance-free wall covering that simply needs a wipe down every now and again. Multipanel is the UK’s leading manufacturer of bathroom wall panels, offering a sustainable and modern alternative to traditional bathroom tiling.

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When bathroom adaptations are completed using tiles, the whole process can take up to five days. Bathroom panels allow for installation in just one day, minimising disruption to tenants and homeowners. The launch of our new floor to wall profile has further benefit, as it means wetroom flooring can be replaced without disrupting the 30-year life cycle of Multipanel, minimising waste and disruption in homes.

Why Multipanel?

  • Quick and easy installation Quick and easy installation
  • Completely waterproof, no mouldy grout Completely waterproof - no mouldy grout
  • Easy cleaning, just wipe down Easy cleaning - just wipe down
  • Almost seamless joint with Hydrolock Almost seamless joint with Hydrolock
  • 30 year warranty 30 year warranty
  • Can be installed over old tiles Can be installed over old tiles

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