Bathroom Colour Trends for 2024

To look ahead to the bathroom design trends that will be popular in 2024.

The importance of colour in the home

The colour trends set for next year are a reflection on the shift in how we see our homes in a post-pandemic world. Our homes are now a place where we want to feel nurtured, as well as bringing us both joy and positivity, and our bathrooms are no different to the rest of the home.



Pink is being tipped as ‘the’ colour for 2024 so we’re expecting it to feature in bathrooms a lot. However, 2024 isn’t about vibrant pinks and instead we’ll see subtle takes on the colour that will help to create a sense of calm and harmony.

For those of us whose bathrooms aren’t just about being a functional space, but a space to go to relax and switch off in a hot bubble bath, then these shades of pink are perfect as they can be mood-enhancing.

Pink is also incredibly versatile as it can be used as a standalone colour, but also as a backdrop to other shades that are proving popular in 2024 – neutrals, browns and damsons. Pink also works well with greens, blues and greys, and blends well with most styles of decor, including countrycore and more edgy industrial vibes.

Part of the Tile Collection, Antique Rose is a pale pink. Antique Rose is a real all-rounder because it can be used in combination with white and black furniture alike but also works great with green accessories.


Antique Rose and Alpine white plain bathroom wall panel
Antique Rose herringbone bathroom wall panel
Antique Rose and Alpine white tile bathroom wall panel

Antique Rose Metro, Herringbone and Tile (The Tile Collection)

When it comes to choosing the right format for Antique Rose, the options are endless. Whether you prefer a plain panel or a more intricate design, such as large, metro, or herringbone tile-effect, Antique Rose has got you covered. Its versatility extends beyond just color, allowing you to create unique patterns and textures that suit your personal style.



Choosing a neutral colour scheme in your bathroom will make it timeless. While cool greys were the go-to shades for many years, warm, earthier, neutrals have taken the lead in the post-pandemic as people seek decorating ideas to reconnect with nature.

Think warm honey tones and beige colours for the walls, and oak flooring - or a replica of this through click flooring for better wear. A successful bathroom colour palette will have layers of different tones to help it not feel one-dimensional but not overly busy either.


Valmasino marble and taupe grey bathroom wall panels
arctic stone bathroom wall panel
Taupe grey metro and Alpine white herringbone bathroom wall panel

Valmasino Marble and Taupe Grey (Pure Collection) ; Arctic Stone (Classic Collection); Taupe Grey Metro and Alpine White Herringbone (Tile Collection)


The first of the three images above has feature wall sporting our Valmasino Marble decor, while the rest of the bathroom is Taupe Grey from the Pure Collection. Valmasino Marble is a classic marble effect decor with beautiful variation in shades. The satin velvety texture creates an authentic, natural feel, while Taupe Grey is cool, grey bathroom wall panel that works alongside it.

Another great pairing is White Gypsum and Taupe Grey. White Gypsum features a mineral plaster texture which helps to add depth and interest to the space, while Taupe Grey adds warmth.


Earthy greens

Definitely not a new colour for 2024, but one that has an enduring quality to it, that isn’t going anywhere. The trend is moving away from deep forest greens to delicate sage. It's a beautiful shade as it's both happy and positive and has a yellow undertone that removes any coldness. 


Soft and natural greens work wonders on plain, dull walls, particularly when paired with white and natural wood tones and acts as a perfect backdrop to creating lovely bright bathrooms.


Sage green metro and taupe grey herringbone bathroom wall panels
Sage green large tile collection bathroom wall panel
Antique Rose and Alpine white tile bathroom wall panel

Sage Green, Taupe Grey (Tile Collection) ; Salvaged Plank Elm (Linda Barker Collection)


Sage Green works well as shower cladding and looks stunning when paired with gold accessories. It can be purchased as a shower wall panel in either a plain panel, or large, metro or herringbone tile-effect, depending on personal preference.



If you’re wanting to get ahead of the curve with bathroom trends, then black is the one for you. Generally, there is a lag in bathroom design of about 18 months behind what has been popular in kitchens, and black has been hugely successful in this space.


Most people will think that black isn’t a very relaxing colour for a bathroom, but this is incorrect. Both black and dark grey can work surprisingly well as they are one of the most timeless colour choices. Black bathrooms can offer a spa-like feel and a sense of calm that other parts of your home might not be able to provide, while also offering a modern and sleek aesthetic compared to other colours. 

black Pietra

Black Pietra (Linda Barker Collection) and Levanto Marble (Pure Collection)

This is because neither grey nor black colours feel overpowering when used in the bathroom, which is exactly why they make a perfect choice. 

Black Pietra, from the Linda Barker Collection, is a black marble decor with stunning white veins. Black wall panels offer a sleek and modern aesthetic to any bathroom design.

Graphite Elements from the Linda Barker Collection is designed to mimic the appearance of graphite. These highly textured panels offer depth to the touch and help to create a striking visual bathroom. Marble doesn't have to be white.

Black is also great for creating a dramatic contrast to the rest of the bathroom. By opting for a dark or black feature wall it can help open up rooms if used strategically. The dark effect pushes the wall into the foreground, while the rest of the room becomes subdued. This, in turn, becomes a visual guideline for our eyes, creating the illusion of depth in the process.

Our bathroom wall panels are not only on-trend with the latest bathroom colour trends for 2024, but they also offer a convenient and efficient solution for bathroom renovations. These panels are incredibly easy and quick to install, making them a popular choice for if you're looking to update your bathroom.

Bathroom panneling is a convenient option for updating your bathroom. Our panels can be installed over old tiles or used as an alternative to bathroom tiles, making it versatile and hassle-free.

With our wide range of designs and finishes, you can easily achieve the desired aesthetic for your bathroom while enjoying the benefits of a durable and low-maintenance solution.

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