Small Bathroom Ideas

8 Modern Bathroom Designs to Inspire Your Small Bathroom Makeover

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A small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be lacking in character—quite the opposite as smaller spaces provide the perfect canvas to get creative and make the most of your square footage.

Curated by celebrity Interior Designer Linda Barker, our Designed by Linda series is full of exciting en suites and small but stylish bathrooms that will serve as the perfect inspiration as you start your bathroom transformation journey.

To accompany these stunning smaller bathrooms that are bursting with design flair, we’ve compiled 8 small bathroom ideas to help you begin planning your own renovation.

Let’s begin our small bathroom decor ideas…

  1. Don’t be afraid of the dark

    A dark wall can work well to add a dash of needed drama to a small bathroom. Here, the black painted wall contrasts with the stunning Calacatta Marble wall panel to create a modern monochrome look that makes the most of the limited space.

    View Calacatta Marble
  2. Half way there

    In this bathroom, an industrial look has been achieved by using the bolder Corten Elements panel half way up the wall and then swapping to the more delicate White Grey panel to prevent the space from feeling too enclosed—it’s simply great bathroom design.

    View Corten Elements
  3. In the clear

    To prevent a divide forming between the shower area and the rest of this bathroom, here, a glass shower door keeps the space feeling open while also showcasing the distinctive design of the Cappuccino Stone wall panel.

    View Cappuccino Stone
  4. Adding Colour

    Is your space is feeling boring and dull? Using Multipanel's grout free tile wall panels are an easy way to inject colour into a bathroom. Herringbone tile wall panel in Antique Rose has been matched in this small bathroom with the Alpine White wall panel to create an elegant space that feels bright and open, rather than claustrophobic.

    View Antique Rose
  5. Mix and Match

    Lighter walls can be matched with darker fittings and accessories to create an elegant contrast. A dark radiator, shower door, and fittings have been combined with the Stone Elements and White Grey wall panels here for an ultra-modern look.

    View Stone Elements

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