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Kitchen Splashback Panels

The recipe for a beautiful kitchen

Multipanel products create vibrant and bespoke kitchens with quick and easy installation that protect your walls and brighten up your home. Our Kitchen splashbacks are durable and enable you to wipe down any remains from the evening’s masterpiece in seconds while creating a tasteful look. Flexible, hygienic and grout-free, our broad range instantly adds a touch of warmth and luxury to your house.

In what is the heart of most homes, our kitchen splashbacks come in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, creating entirely personalised spaces and adding to the atmosphere. Choose from more than a 100 designs between our Classic, Tile, Reflect, Create Ranges and Hob Splashbacks. 

If you are looking to give your kitchen the WOW factor, you can view our full brochure here.


Linda Barker Collection

Developed with the design loving house renovator in mind and for those looking to emulate the top interior design trends in an affordable way at home, the Linda Barker Collection comprises 13 beautifully crafted waterproof panels, inspired by materials from the natural world such as stone, marble and wood.

 Kitchen Linda Barker Collection

View the Linda Barker Collection here



Heritage Collection

Whether you long for a charming period style bathroom or one that exudes calm and serenity, the subtle colour harmonies of the Heritage Collection will help you create it. A stunning kitchen awaits with these sumptuous textures and hues.

 Kitchen Heritage Collection

Check our Heritage Collection here



Reflect Range

Looking for a hard-wearing alternative to back-coloured glass? Our Reflect Range provides the perfect solution, bringing a unique and a modern twist to your kitchen’s splashbacks. With state of the art dual layered acrylic, create stunning depth in your kitchen with the illusion of glass.

 Kitchen Reflect range

Check our Reflect Range here


Tile Range

Multipanel’s Tile Range looks just like tiles, but without the hassle of grout. If you are needing an affordable alternative to ceramic tiles for your kitchen, then look no further.  Our Tile Range has all the visual benefits of real tiles, but are completely mould free and much easier to clean and install, as fitting is typically 3 to 4 times faster than ceramic tiles.

 Kitchen Tile range

Check our Tile Range here


Classic Range

Our Classic Range offers timeless colours and finishes and can provide a plush aesthetic for your kitchen. We offer a range of natural stone, precious stone and marble effects for your kitchen splashback, as well as new decors, including: Artic Stone, Fusion, White Brocade and Cappuccino.

 Kitchen decorated with classic kitchen splashbacks - Platinum wave

Check our Classic Range here


Hob Spashbacks

Multipanel’s range of hob splashbacks have been selected to complement the fabulous warmth, depth and light the panels bring to your kitchen. Our stainless steel and back-coloured glass are heat resistant and provide the necessary protection against naked flames and hot pans.

Our stainless steel range provides a stunning contrast to our panels with its contemporary feel. These cooker splashbacks are great value, hard wearing and easy to clean.

Our wide selection of back painted glass splashbacks for behind the cooker are colour matched to our modern, high gloss, Reflect Range. Alternatively the back-coloured glass can be used as a contrasting colour to provide a feature behind the hob. Glass splashbacks are extremely durable, easy to clean and quick to install.

 Kitchen decorated with stainless steel cooker splashback

Check our Hob Splashbacks here


Flooring - Click Range

With glue-free installation, the Click Range fits together effortlessly with interlocking tongue and groove tiles or planks in authentic wood and stone textures. Warmer and quieter underfoot than ceramic tiles, laminate and wood, our waterproof Click tiles and planks feature a commercial grade 0.5mm wear layer and are coated with ceramic beads for an extra durable, elegant finish.

 Kitchen decorated with Click Range kitchen flooring

Check our Click Range here


Flooring - Stick Range

The Stick Range is made from two overlapping layers of tough vinyl, producing a patented overlapping gluestrip. This enables the planks and tiles to stick together rather than to the surface beneath, for a quick and simple installation. Our contemporary flooring has a domestic grade 0.3mm wear layer and is an affordable alternative to real tiles and wood.

 Kitchen decorated with stick range kitchen flooring

Check our Stick Range here



Our ceiling panels provide a quick alternative to painting and decorating difficult and hard to reach areas. Ideal for kitchen ceiling cladding, Multipanel ceilings are easy to install with a straightforward tongue and groove system. Providing built-in protection from moisture and damp, these practical panels can be wiped clean in seconds. Designed to complement our various wall panel ranges. Our range of ceiling panels provide the quickest way to redecorate without plaster or paint, and make a feature of your ceiling.

Kitchen decorated with kitchen ceiling

Check our Ceiling Range here


Opening up a whole new world of flexible home improvement, our kitchen wall panels, floors, and ceilings help you make a bold and long-lasting statement, whilst completely eliminating the risk of mould. Transforming the way we design our interiors forever, Multipanel is the ultimate trade secret.

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Multipanel products create vibrant and bespoke kitchen splashbacks with quick and easy installation that brightens up your home.
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