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Refurbishing Care Home Bathrooms With Multipanel

Hallmark Care Homes provide 22 care homes across the UK which are designed to offer residents the quality and care they deserve. With a focus on building independence and family values, Hallmark aims to create a nurturing environment.

The renovation project started as a test run and has since developed into an ongoing project that aims to refurbish 5 care homes with 100 rooms each, with shower wall and wet rooms panels from the Linda Barker and the Classic Collection.

By choosing Multipanel shower boards, we know that our residents are only inconvenienced for a short space of time.

Steve Brine - Estate Manager

Renovating Bathrooms Quicker

"We were looking for a method of turning our rooms around in a short time while maintaining the high-quality finish that our residents expect."

The renovation project included not just the bathrooms but entire rooms. With an occupied care home, completing renovations on time can be a real challenge, as Hallmark explains.

"Displacement for any residents, especially if they are living with dementia, will always be a challenge. Being able to reduce that time away from their room is key to a successful rollout."

Hallmark needed to consider both the speed and difficulty of the renovation project to ensure a successful installation.

We were initially quoted 7 days by a tiler to complete the bathroom renovation. Using Multipanel, the room was boarded in 1 day, and the renovation was then completed in 2 days.

Steve Brine - Estate Manager


Hallmark kicked off the project with a trial run, which would ensure adequate time management during the upcoming renovations. For this purpose, the team installed Calacatta Marble wall panels in one of their rooms and came to a surprising conclusion.

"We were able to demonstrate that the installation time against traditional tiling is radically reduced [because we managed] to achieve a quick turnaround [while keeping] that 5-star feel."

Due to the success of the trial installation, Hallmark decided to roll out further renovations across the group using Multipanel.

Having a clean, flat surface has helped increase cleanliness and reduce cleaning time for our domestic team.

Steve Brine - Estate Manager

Since the refurbishment, Hallmark has noticed the product's cleanliness, which has had a lasting impact on the day-to-day operations of their care homes.

"Having a clean flat surface has helped increase cleanliness and reduce cleaning time. This will have the potential to increase longevity before intervention or replacement. Old tile systems have grout, which can discolour and become unsightly over time. From a facilities management point of view, [using Multipanel] is a win-win."

For the project, the team used several wall panels, among them Salvaged Planked Elm from the Linda Barker Collection and Cappuccino Stone from the Classic Collection.


See the gallery below for a peek at the finished refurbishment:

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