Popular Bathroom Trends for 2024

Update your bathroom from a purely functional space to an on-trend space that elevates your home interior.

The top trends set to embark on this year are Scandi, Japandi & brown bathrooms. Explore how to incorporate them into your own bathroom below.

1. Scandi Bathrooms

valmasino marble and taupe grey 2024 bathroom trendsValmasino Marble and Taupe Grey from the Pure Collection


Scandinavian style emulates clean, simple designs. This trend is centred around brightening up a space by embracing neutral tones, incorporating beige, cream and pale brown hues. Light, bright colours are the perfect way to create a soothing and comforting environment, helping to boost the overall mood within the bathroom and promote a sense of wellness and wellbeing.

With the room opening and feeling lighter, a clear atmosphere is created, boosting positivity, adding to this trend’s popularity. Valmasino Marble paired with White Grey from our Pure Collection, is the perfect example of how this palette can work together. 

Incorporating the Scandi design can be simple, with just a few additions. Accent colours like black and dark greys can be used as a stunning contrast to tie tones together and give the space a more dynamic look. Perfectly paired with black, gold or even brass fixtures, the Scandi trend’s natural colour palette opens the ability to create unique and versatile spaces, tailored to your interior preferences.

2. Japandi Bathrooms


By infusing Japanese minimalism with Scandi design, the hugely popular Japandi trend has emerged. Pale, light hues mixed with natural, wooden textures, a soft, delicate colour palette which oozes relaxation in the home. The focal point should be the clean lines within the space, embracing the simplicity of the bathroom to create an open, airy atmosphere that radiates clean, light energy.

To achieve the Japandi style, keep the design minimal. With minimal accessories, the room won’t feel overcrowded, and attention will be drawn to the fine details of the design. Consider adding soft furnishings which differ in finishes, ranging from wood, marble and stone. By adding a variety of materials, the space begins to feel cosy and homely, becoming the perfect place to relax.

This up-and-coming bathroom trend can be achieved with White Mineral from the Pure Collection. Or, if you’re considering a tile effect in this style, we’ve got you covered with our Tile Collection.

White mineral bathroom wall panel 2024 bathroom trendsWhite Mineral from the Pure Collection

3. Brown Bathrooms

Salvaged plank elm bathroom wall panel 2024 bathroom trendsSalvaged Plank Elm from the Linda Barker Collection


Using brown as the main colour throughout can create a warm, modern, sophisticated bathroom space. Whether this is opting for a shade of brown to cover all walls, or the addition of dark brown accents, it’s a growing trend guaranteed to provide a sleek, contemporary finish.

Choosing the perfect shade to implement can depend on a range of design considerations. Would you rather choose a chocolate brown for a striking contrast in a usual white bathroom, or opt for a warm caramel shade to liven up the space and give it some personality?  The possibilities of this leading trend are endless, and one that can be used to add a personal touch.

Proof that wood isn’t just a material but a colour too, wooden-style wall panels pave the wave to a bathroom that’s at one with nature. A successful bathroom colour palette will have layers of different tones to help it not feel one-dimensional but not overly busy either, which is where replicating the beauty of wood can work wonders.

For example, Salvaged Plank Elm from the Linda Barker Collection pairs well with Taupe Grey. Choosing wall panels over the real thing means they can be used anywhere in the bathroom, including the shower area as they are completely waterproof.

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Re-creating these popular design trends is an easy task when you consider small tweaks that can be made to your current bathroom design. As you embark on your journey to transform your space with the rich tapestry of Japandi, Scandi, and brown bathroom trends, we hope your sanctuary reflects not just design, but a profound sense of serenity and personal expression.



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