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Bathroom Installation Clicks into place

Anderson Home Improvements is well known in Livingston, Edinburgh and surrounding areas for the quality of its workmanship in bathroom and kitchen installation and renovation.

Michael Anderson, who heads up the company, says, “Getting the job done as quickly as possible is vital to the success of the business, but so too is having customers who are really happy with the standard of our work – particularly so because about 80 percent of business comes through personal recommendation. That’s why we only use only high-end products on our jobs, ones that we know we can rely on time and again to give great results.”

In the past, Michael has tried out various brands of waterproof wall panels but, he says, “These days Multipanel is the only brand I would consider using. Installation always goes like clockwork and the quality is absolutely superb.” 

Anderson Home Improvements - Multipanel Installer Quote

Multipanel’s ceiling panels are often fitted for Michael’s customers, together with Multipanel’s Click flooring, which is particularly popular on new builds. He finds installation of both pretty straightforward. “I would usually recommend ceiling panels as the finishing touch for the refurb if the condition of the original ceiling is poor. With down lights inserted, the new ceiling is bright and gleaming – really nice,” says Michael.

On the subject of choice, Michael agrees that the variety of styles and textures on offer from Multipanel is impressive. However, too much choice, he believes, can lead to customers occasionally going wild in their initial selections and he sees part of his job as reining customers in a little and helping them understand what décor will work well in their space.

Anderson Home Improvements - Multipanel Installer

On his most recent bathroom refurb, the customer chose Faversham Matte and Delano Oak from Multipanel’s Heritage Collection. “The finished bathroom looked fantastic”, said Michael, “and the customer was blown away by just how good it looked." 

On another job we finished last month, we used Concrete Formwood from the Linda Barker Collection and it was even more stunning than it looked in the Multipanel brochure.”

Linda Barker Collection - Concrete Formwood Wall Panel

Michael prefers to use Multipanel’s tongue and groove Hydrolock® panels.  This, he says is because, “the joint is almost seamless, and the finished walls look fantastic. Hydrolock has been improved recently and is now even better.  Panels just click into place and they are easy to position when working around pipes.”

Michael has seen a gradual move away from customers requesting ceramic bathroom tiles. “Sure, one or two customers still specify them, but they tend to be in a minority.  The trend is definitely towards Multipanel wall panels. Customers love the look of them and like that, they are easy to keep clean - a quick wipe is all that’s needed.”

Find an Installer Directory - Multipanel Bathroom Installer

If you have an example of how Multipanel has transformed a bathroom we would be very keen to share it.  

Share your new bathroom with #multipanel_it to be featured.

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