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Emerging Digital Trends within Bathroom Design

Emerging Digital Trends within Bathroom Design

As we move further into the Digital Age, technology is integrating not only into our everyday lives, but also into our households! The upcoming years are set to transform the way we use our bathrooms in modern society. From built in televisions, to complete sound systems, the room once known as the smallest in the house, is about to become the most contemporary.

The Cairn’s Post have highlighted emerging digital trends in their interesting article. Below is a summary of the key points and we have taken the liberty showcasing where Multipanel fits in.


1/ Introducing the ‘hi-tech’ toilet

No, you are not seeing things. Give a warm welcome to the ‘TOTO Neorest’. Your toilet experience is about to be taken to the next level.

Complete with a computerised control system, the TOTO comes with pressure water jet temperature controls, hot- air bottom dryers and background music.

“Some models have a lid that automatically swings open when users enter the bathroom,” said Cameron Slater from Smart Style Bathrooms.

modern toilets


2/ Fancy shower heads and Multipanel’s Sound Wall

You can now turn your bathroom into a music room!

The Kohler Moxie shower head and Multipanel’s Sound Wall have made it possible to turn your bathroom into an integrated sound system.

The Kohler Moxie shower head streams music through a wireless speaker. By syncing up via Bluetooth with your smart phone, MP3 player, tablet or laptop. You can listen to your favourite tracks in the shower.

Multipanel’s Sound Wall system, part of our Create Range provides audio into your home like never before with hidden music, radio, podcasts and audio books all controlled from a Bluetooth enabled device. Simply, quickly and safely installed, below your bath, behind your walls, ceiling or cupboard doors. The system is perfect in wet and humid areas, and delivers fantastic audio without any visible speakers.

Sound Wall Waves


3/ Mirror / TV

We can now watch our favourite TV shows in our bathroom mirrors! Welcome to the future.

This system works by installing a television behind a two-way mirror in the bathroom and provides an affordable luxurious quirk to your interior.

Catch up on the latest episodes, watch the news or browse YouTube as you relax in your bath! 

bathroom mirror with tv 7


4/ Showers with a view and Photo Wall

Everyone loves a breath taking view. What better way to relax than having a beautiful landscape right in your bathroom?!

Photo Wall allows you to showcase photography of your favourite landscapes, bespoke visuals or imagery of your choice.  What better way to impress your guests?

Another alternative is smart glass windows and shower screens. Both have the functionality to change from clear to frosted with just the mere flick of a switch!

Photowall Custom Photo Eilean Donan copy


Credit: Carinspost http://www.cairnspost.com.au/


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