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Linda Barker and Multipanel make 2018 the year of the bathroom

Having just launched her signature collection for Multipanel, the UK’s leading brand of waterproof decorative wall panels, Linda Barker offers some tips on updating your bathroom.


For too long the bathroom has taken a back seat in our homes. And even though the possibilities for decorating are endless, it's often the cost and upheaval we associate with a refurbishment that stops us in our tracks.

But the experience of renovating a bathroom can be less disruptive than you’d imagine and not necessarily uber expensive, as there are some clever tricks and innovative new products that homeowners can take advantage of to quickly achieve a great look without breaking the bank.


Multipanel Linda Barker Collection Corten Elements


Many people I meet would love their bathrooms to have the look of luxury spas and exclusive hotels - bathroom walls adorned with enormous slabs of stone, marble or wood. But really, who can afford these?

However, hankering after that high-end look needn’t be in vain. Recently, my eyes have been opened to the wonderful tactile and aesthetic properties of waterproof wall panels. My own collection for Multipanel, for instance, features the latest advances in laminate design which allow much bigger realistic large-scale images to be created on each panel. Marble, granite and wood designs look and feel like the real thing, and even the closest scrutiny will not tell you otherwise.

If you are thinking of sprucing up your bathroom, wall panels might just be the answer to your design dilemmas. Not only can they be installed on top of tired old mould-ridden tiles, the absence of grout on panels means that a quick wipe is all that’s needed to keep them looking perfect for years to come.

It’s not always possible to rip everything up and start from scratch, and often there isn’t a need to. Fantastic results can be achieved with even the lightest of touches.

The addition of a plantation window blind, for instance, can give a bathroom an elegant period feel; while a less expensive roller blind can work wonders in tying the colours in your room together. Accessories such as a planter at the corner of the bath or a more extravagant statement piece such as an ornate mirror or chandelier lighting can also provide focus and transform your space into something truly special. Check out sites such as Pinterest as these can be a great source of inspiration.

Mixing and matching might also be the way to go: a lick of paint paired with wall panels or even tiles can work wonders. There are plenty of tempting on-trend colours to choose from.  I love the warmer greys, metallic finishes, pistachio hues, and dusky pinks. There’s a lot to choose from including dark moody tones, including the ever popular black.


Multipanel Linda Barker Collection Graphite Elements


We don’t change our bathroom décor very often, so give yourself time to plan your perfect space, and before spending a penny, sketch out a floorplan to factor in all requirements including storage. Attaching a mood board to the bathroom wall will give you the opportunity to mull things over and allow the design to grow on you.


I’d love to hear how you get on with your bathroom makeover – so do drop me a line and maybe a photo or two showing your fantastic bathroom transformation.

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