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Multipanel: Enhancing Your Showering Experience

Multipanel: Enhancing Your Showering Experience


As we move forward into the modern world of bathroom design, people are increasingly investing in shower wall panels opposed to traditional ceramic tiles. Panels are not only easier to maintain and have a strong aesthetic, but also have the capacity to further enhance your showering experience through various different types of visuals and interactive media. So how can Multipanel panels improve your overall shower experience? Well let’s take a look.


Shower Panels


First off, Multipanel is completely grout free! You can enjoy your shower without having to worry about the annoying aftermath maintenance that occurs with the use of ceramic tiles. Hours of scrubbing out mould can now be put to better use. Multipanel not only looks better, it saves you time in the process. Win, win, if you ask us!


Photo Wall


Now from a visual perspective, Multipanel’s Photo Wall can take you to one of your favourite moments in time, your dream landscape or simply showcase your favourite image right in your bathroom. You can create a bathroom that is truly one of a kind to suit your personal taste. ­Sink into the tub or turn on the shower, relax and enjoy your personalised surroundings.


Sound Wall


Most of us love to turn into our favourite singer the minute we step into the shower. Whether it’s belting out notes over the sound of pouring water or having our smart phones playing in the background, we all like to step into our water filled platform.

Multipanel have taken this experience to a whole new level with Sound Wall.

Sound Wall brings audio into your home like never before with hidden music, radio, podcasts and audio books all controlled from your Bluetooth enabled device. Simply, quickly and safely installed, below your bath, behind your splashback, ceiling or cupboard doors. The system is perfect in wet and dry areas, and it delivers fantastic audio without any visible speakers. Sound Wall works by converting vibration energy, through the surface of Multipanel, into pure sound waves.

Now you can really take centre stage.


Glow Wall


If the above wasn’t enough for you, Glow Wall might just have the answer.

Do you like an ambient mood setting and complete relaxation?

Glow Wall provides back-lit clear acrylic shapes that can be inset into our Classic, Plus, Photo Wall, Tile or Reflect ranges. You have the option to choose from our standard shapes, or customise your own for a dramatic backdrop. Static or changing colours can be selected via remote control.

Turn your bathroom into a room that you love.


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