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Multipanel’s Favourite Radical Bathroom Concepts

Multipanel’s Favourite Radical Bathroom Concepts

At Multipanel we love creative freedom within design. From the weird and wonderful, to the bold and bright, we have seen it all. In this article, we are going to look at our top five favourite radical concepts from across the bathroom interior industry.


1. Our first contender is the Ski Bathroom.

We can’t quite decide if this is wonderful and / or terrifying! Imagine walking into a bathroom and being presented with this backdrop? 10/10 for creativity, though.

Coca Cola used these prints as part of a marketing campaign for a new coffee drink they were launching in Japan. Various Japanese ski resorts had their toilets done up to resemble the slopes outside.


 Credit: http://boredombash.com/weird-bathrooms/


2. Steampunk Bathroom

Here we have a one of a kind, Steampunk Bathroom.

This was sent in from Multipanel customer / interior designer extraordinaire, Adele Galashan.

Completely customised with unique fixtures and designed completely from scratch, this really is a work of art!


 *This image features Patina Bronze panels from our Classic Range.

Credit: www.multipanel.co.uk


3. Dolce and Gabbana’s Gold Room

For those of you that love gold, this is definitely a treat.

Located in Milan, Italy, this luxurious bathroom is part of an A-list restaurant called “Gold” and has been a host to a variety of celebrities including: Giselle, Kylie Minogue and Paris Hilton.

Features include: golden bamboo lining the walls, giant mirrors and marble counters. Nothing short of the best when it comes to our beloved, D & G!


Credit: http://architizer.com/blog/roundup-10-crazy-weird-bathrooms/


4. Water World or a Bathroom?

Remember when we said weird and wonderful? Yeah, we weren’t kidding.

This bathroom is definitely ‘unique’, to say the least, a real visual delight!

Known as the ‘Gaudi Submarine’, this exclusive bathroom is part of Granny’s Grannyboot, a house featuring stunning artwork from an array of different artists. 


Credit: http://www.houzz.co.uk/pro/anthonylindseyphotography/anthony-lindsey-photography?irs=US


5. Bar 89 NY

Now for the bright and bold!

This washroom takes bathroom design to a whole new level with “Privacy Glass”. For those of you that haven’t encountered this before, let me give you a brief overview.

Privacy Glass harnesses light diffusion which creates privacy whilst still allowing light to enter. The liquid crystal sits in between two normal panes of glass, and the molecular array of the crystals can disperse light, creating privacy (Don’t worry, nothing is visible!). When voltage is applied to the sheet, the crystals re-arrange themselves into a parallel form that allows the passage of light, thus making the door transparent.

Basically, the bathroom doors light up selectivity and turn opaque when a customer closes and enters a cubicle. Pretty cool, huh?


Credit: http://www.canadiantraveller.com/21_Most_Luxurious_Toilets_in_the_World


Having looked at our top five favourite radical bathroom concepts, which is your favourite?



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