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Why Multipanel Is Paving the Future of Bathroom Interiors

Why Multipanel Is Paving the Future of Bathroom Interiors

There are many reasons why you should be converting your interior tastes to Multipanel. In order to showcase some of the fantastic attributes our product has, we have put together an infographic which highlights the main reasons why Multipanel is the UK’s number one choice for shower panels.

Why Multipanel

• Completely waterproof spaces

Our 100% waterproof panels can be applied directly to almost any bathroom surface including tiles, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, chipboard and plywood, or as part as a new installation.

• Limitless design options

Perfect for your shower, bathroom, our wall panels, floors, and ceilings are available in a broad range of colours, textures and finishes, enabling you to create spaces that match your personality.

• Quick and easy installation

The Multipanel range is designed to be easy to install and even easier to maintain. Our Classic, Plus and Photo Wall ranges can be applied to timber battens or directly bonded to interior surfaces. Hydrolock tongue and groove technology connects the panels with a discreet, waterproof joint. Our Tile Wall range brings classic finesse of ceramic wall tiles without the stress of grout.

• Low Maintenance

Multipanel surfaces can be wiped clean in seconds and grout is now a thing of the past!

• 10-year warranty

Can’t complain at that ;)

 • State-of-the-art-designs

Multipanel are always making sure that we are ahead of the times. Our Create Range has made it possible to integrate photography, inset illuminated shapes and even concealed speakers to your shower enclosure or splashback.

Why Multipanel

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